Sun and the Soul – Personal Identity and a life worth living!   Leave a comment

What does it mean to be you, is it your body, your memories, beliefs or something else? When we speak about the soul we are usually speaking about the personality which includes our memories and beliefs rather than our bodies.  By personality we mean that complex mix that makes up your personal identity and gives each of us a unique perspective on life.

Our soul we may claim is different from our personality, but what if our soul doesn’t believe in compassion or love.  What if these things that are important to our personality or personal identity were absent from the soul – it would be an unthinkable thought to have a soul minus the ethics and love we have developed as part of our personal identity.  We each of us through out life become more experienced and usually more compassionate as we make our own mistakes – a soul that did not encompass our personal identity, our learning would be a lesser thing.

Life is worth living because the unique entity that is you from birth to death is a unique and evolving you that develops wisdom and compassion through experience making your life a life worth living for it is a life with the opportunity to develop a better you in complex ways.


Posted September 5, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings, Soul & the Planets

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