Moon and the Soul – A Bayonet is a Weapon with a working man at either end   Leave a comment

Soldiers never die defending freedom but corporate interest, greed and lust.  It is the biggest myth that religion causes war it can be used to motivate people into believing that what they are doing is just, that they are defending friends and family but all wars are caused by greed.  They are employed to defend corporate interest and greed, you and I are of no importance.

Yet we have an instinct to protect our own family, friends and communities this is the Moon and this instinctive desire stems from love but it is twisted and corrupted by propaganda until it creates the barbarity of war.  One of the lessons the soul has in aspect to the moon is to question what we are told threatens our communities.  Probably the biggest threaten to communities globally is corporate greed, yet this is not likely to be what you are told it is likely that the other the foreigner, the disabled, the Muslim, the Jew or the Hindu is your threat.  It is only in questioning what we are told that we may start to protect our communities.  Until then the poor ordinary people will continue to kill each other for corporate wealth, and corporations will continue to dominate the planet for as long as we are fighting and killing each other we are not fighting the corporations!

Take the American civil war was that about slavery, were black people in Northern states treated any better than in southern states other than being called free did they actually have any freedom or rights the answer is NO! Civil war wasn’t about freeing slaves because black people had no freedoms in the Northern states.  It was about power; industrial corporations against industrial farming Corporations and the winner was corporations! What about the war of independence, British corporations against American corporations and the winner was corporations! WWI & WWII all about which country’s corporations were going to get their hands on other countries’ wealth and resources.

Our families and communities are important they are where our soul lies yet we are perpetually allowing them to be destroyed by the propaganda of war that stops us uniting globally against global corporations and which leaves us vulnerable to be being picked off one by one.


Posted August 1, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings, Soul & the Planets

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