Mercury and the soul – the difference between true and truth   Leave a comment

If somebody says, ‘I know God lives’ and they believe it they are telling the truth or in other words not lying but that does not make it true that ‘God lives’ it also does not make it necessarily false.  When you go to court you swear to give the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. People can and do give the whole truth and nothing but the truth, yet it may be false not because the are lying but because what they believe is false. That means not only do we have to assess when we are being lied to but even when we are not being lied to we still have to assess whether something is true.

Thus we spend vast amounts of time trying to assess truth and true, we can say that an important aspect for the soul is the continuing process in which it tries to determine true and truth.  How does it do this?  An important aspect to truth may be whether a person contradicts themselves or the facts, for trying to discover if something is true we also check whether it contradicts facts and whether it is the most likely or most rational explanation.  This is mercury in action we listen and we compare what is said with what we already know, discover the areas where we may need to find out more facts before we can make a decision. We do it all the time in life we are constantly deciding whether something is true or if somebody is lying and at times we may get the decision wrong and we learn lessons from that which make effect future decisions.

Thus we can say that a major part of the soul’s journey through life is the decisions on what is truth and true.


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