Venus and the soul – the emotional worm hole   Leave a comment

Last month my cousin died, but what upset me most at funeral was seeing ‘Wee John’, because he represents a stage of my childhood and memories. I looked at him and remembered us all crawling through the woods on our stomachs behind the Colonel’s house  to steal the bamboo shoots from his garden.  With this came the realisation that I could never do this again with my cousin. Our emotions are a worm hole through time that connect us to the past, I’m no longer a child but I am connected to that soul stage by my emotions.

Not only am I connected to those emotions some of them are carried forward to the present, what it means to be mean includes that childhood, the people and the emotions.  I no longer crawl through the woods on my stomach but it is still part of who I am, I no longer change my son’s diaper/nappy but it is still part of who I am.  Venus is our emotional worm hole through time and space, we span time and space emotionally from birth to death, there we are at different stages feeling incredible things, you are not simple existing now you are a wormhole through space and time that contains memories and emotions, your soul is the whole of that worm hole, past, present & future emotions.  In that worm hole there are people no longer alive, friends we have not seen for years and friends we have yet to make as well as family yet to be born.


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