Mars and the Soul – The alive mind   Leave a comment

Plato in the ‘Phaedo’ has Socrates arguing that the soul has an essential characteristic of being alive that there is no such thing as a dead soul in existence, even in sleep although consciousness is missing the mind is alive and full of drives and desires expressed in dreams.

We all have drives and desires and they can have opposing outcomes, lets take two UK political parties SNP and UKIP.  Both are nationalist parties, nationalism is derived from the drive to go beyond our ego and have something of higher importance in our lives. For the SNP this may be expressed as another Scotland is possible, we can build a better country, we can be a beacon of light to the world, we can do something about poverty, we can show the world Weapons of mass destruction are unnecessary. For the UKIP this may be expressed as Britain used to be great, the migrants are what is destroying our greatness, Europe is destroying our greatness, get rid of migrants and Europe and Britain can be great again.

I have a bias in this I’m Scottish but although both want the same thing pride in their country there is a problem, as a Scot I’m ashamed of Scotland’s part in this ‘greatness’ of the British Empire, so for me only one of these options is a possibility. That is not to say that UKIP is lving in past and SNP the future, there are important parts of Scotland’s past that I want. Scotland had a clan system which although I do not want as a feudal system I want that sense of family and community that the word clan has come to mean in Scotland.  Clan has a special meaning in Scotland and that is gathering together irrespective of blood as one people, one family.

Mars represents our drives, and this includes nationalism but how we fulfil this drive can take us in many directions at different times in our lives but whatever we are doing at anytime if we think about it we will see the same basic drives expressed in different ways throughout life by a soul that is alive and questioning!


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