Saturn and the Soul – determinism and the affairs of Martin Luther King   Leave a comment

Martin Luther King like J.F. Kennedy and George Washington had affairs they all committed adultery. Gandhi slept with naked young girls although nothing sexual happened.  Heroes are like ideals and often do represent an ideal, we mythologise them and in the process we confuse the ideal for the person and no person is ideal, that is why it often shocks us when the person is revealed behind the ideal.  The ideal we may say is part of what Jupiter represents, the human behind it we may call Saturn. That is humans have natural boundaries called character faults and flaws, the great thing about this is that when we see other faults and flaws we have the potential for empathy.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise but to be human is to have desires, successful living organisms have a drive for resources and reproduction or food, drink and sex.  This part of our nature is predetermined by the simple fact of being a living organism.  We desire certain things but what we do about that desire is a matter of free will. I desire all the chocolate cake but I will ultimately choose whether to have none, some or all and the choice I make may depend on past experiences. I may not eat all the cake because the consequences of actions like these in the past have given me an upset stomach or I may decide the pleasure of eating the whole cake is worth the upset stomach. Saturn and the soul is the relationship I have to this process as a conscious being I weigh up all the consequences the pleasure in eating against the pain of an upset stomach and perhaps decide to eat half the cake instead.

What is amazing is that I can choose, I can eat all the chocolate cake and do the same the next day but perhaps in a year’s time I may decide that there has to be more to life than chocolate cake and decide I don’t want any more chocolate cake ever.  This too will be a consequence of my eating chocolate cake.  We all have desires and whether or not we choose to act upon those desires may give us different consequences from which we can decide many different courses of future actions.


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