Jupiter and the Soul – from Euphoria to Genocide   Leave a comment

Hope is a dangerous thing, without any hope we often have nothing to lose.  Humans with nothing to lose are impervious to any argument, law and justice is based on the fact that we have something to lose and that makes us willing to trade a part of our freedom to keep them.  A while back I read a comment from a black student who said riots were bad because people can vote. If candidates x,y & z are all offering B and you need A then voting offers no hope, it cannot provide you with the possibilities necessary for hope. Rioting in this situation is the most rational option, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, this is why riots tend to spread like wildfire because they express the last desperate hope of the hopeless.

From rioting to revolution is the step from hopelessness to euphoria, from powerlessness to powerful. Marx said religion was the opiate of the masses but so is revolution, rioting and protesting because they are all about moving from hopelessness to euphoria.  Euphoria makes all things possible it motivates us all into believing the once impossible is now not only possible but within our grasp.  Thus some degree of euphoria is necessary for change.  The opposite is also true that some degree of hope is necessary to prevent change, it is just the proportions of both that are different. Change is often prevented by offering some small hope such as the lottery, yes the system is unfair and punishes you but if by a billion to one chance your number comes up the benefits are massive. Change happens when we are offered the hope that the majority can make a difference and make the world a better place for everybody.

However there is one flaw, Kierkegaard’s argument that in a world where everybody is ‘Christian’ nobody can be Christian applies. Kierkegaard was talking about ‘Christian’ democracy. Christian democracy was based on ‘loving the sinner but hating the sin’ whether that sin was poverty or homosexuality you were confined to the poor house or prison.  These themes still run through modern democracy where showing ‘love’ means food banks, sanctions, fines and imprisonment. In a world where Christian love is defined in this way nobody can be Christian. In a world where everybody is democratic there can be no democracy is also true, democracy becomes like Christianity twisted to reflect its opposite totalitarianism.

Yet those caught up in the euphoria may not see when the ideal has been twisted into its opposite, they may be so wrapped up in the euphoria that they are easily persuaded to remove the opposition to their ideal in order to create a better world, idealists commit genocide. Not only can our ideals be easily twisted into their opposite but we can be easily convinced that the world would be a better place if only there were no Jewish people, Muslim people, gypsies or any other group.

Jupiter is the planet not just of hope and euphoria but of beliefs & God but no matter how euphoric we may feel we must be able to see clearly the God we are worshipping.


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