Neptune and the Soul – Finding meaning in tragedy   2 comments

The soul, mind or consciousness gives us the ability to find personal meaning in tragedy, part of what it means to be human is the ability to find our own meaning in the life we live. Atheist, Buddhist, Pagan, Christian, Muslim or Jewish we find our own meaning in life that may include, God, divinity, Nirvana, or simply what it means for us to be a good person but the largest part of that meaning will be unique to us alone, it will be the meaning and personal insights we attach to tragedies we have experienced, trauma & loss.

Having consciousness means we have the capability when we experience trauma or tragedy to extract meaning from it, to use our experiences to understand how others may be feeling.  From parents that lose a child to survivors of genocide, humans are capable of finding meaning and hope in the darkest hours.  We are capable of finding the deepest meaning to life in the midst of our darkest despair and this aspect of the soul is ruled by Neptune.

We find meaning in how we deal with tragedy, what we learn about ourselves and others. We develop strength through facing our deepest fears and it is often whilst facing our deepest fears that our hopes and desires are at their strongest pulling us on to overcome and fulfil our potential.


2 responses to “Neptune and the Soul – Finding meaning in tragedy

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  1. Bless you!! I so needed this tonight!!!

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