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A blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month the first full moon in Capricorn was on July 2nd and the second ‘blue moon’ is on the 31st of July, the last blue was 2012 and the next will be Jan 2018.  Blue moons are not astrological events but calendar ones.  that is to say that if we followed a different calendar such as the Jewish / hebrew one it would be the first full moon of the month because the calendar is lunisolar.

The full moon occurs when the moon is exactly opposite the sun on the 31st of July when the sun is at 7 degrees Leo the moon shall move directly opposite to 7 degrees Aquarius. The Sun and Moon are called luminaries in astrology, this is because the Sun lights up the day and the moon lights up the night, thus at full moon we have an opposition of luminaries or day and night.  These are naturally opposing principles so we can say that at the time of the full moon we are drawn to issues around natural opposites.  This full moon is in Aquarius, which represents our ability to form societies, communities, to develop technology, to advance as a civilisation, to retain individuality and nonconformity. The moon represents our family, nurturing, community, nation, roots, genealogy & history. The Sun is in Leo the sign it rules, both represent self expression, self confidence, egotism, creativity and personality.

The Sun in Leo is larger than life, the film star or mythic hero – the thing about being larger than life is that by definition it means unreal, fake or false.  That is not to say that those born with Sun in Leo are fakes but the image we may have of them is likely to be a false one. The moon in Aquarius has an inner tension between personal and communal, for them it is hard to distinguish between family and society, that is not to say that those with moon in Aquarius don’t feel a stronger connection to family than community rather they feel strongly that it is wrong to differentiate between the two when making decisions, the treatment of a family member should be equally as important as the treatment of anybody else in society and vice versa.  Thus this opposition is one in which how ‘celebrities’ or ‘VIPs’ are treated compared to the rest of society may be focused upon and our own expectations of special treatment.

With Venus retrograde and moving towards conjunction with Jupiter once more whilst both square Saturn at the time of the full moon we have an added dimension. Saturn in Scorpio deals with the deterministic realities of life that are fraught with emotion, desires and passion, we are alive thus we must die no matter how we feel about our or others deaths, if we don’t eat we must starve if we don’t have shelter and warmth we will freeze.  Thus the financial situation we are born into determines a great many things about our lives and this aspect is square Jupiter & Venus in Leo our beliefs, ideals, hopes in regard to the innate talents within humanity and our instinctive emotional responses to such issues.

Since the full moon is in Aquarius ruled by Uranus and Venus is retrograde we need to also take account of the asteroid Urania, Uranus comes from the Greek for sky or heaven in Sumerian mythology it was Anu the moon was Nanna lord of heaven and his daughter Innana (Venus) queen or lady of heaven just as Anu becomes Uranus Innana becomes Urania, thus asteroid Urania in Gemini is sextile Uranus in Aries at point of full moon.  This highlights all communication on issues of freedom and personal identity especially around LGBTI issues Urania being where the term Uranian originated, giving both speakers and listeners a sense that they have the capacity to achieve their desires.


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