Pluto and the Soul – Why Irrationality defines us and makes us great!   Leave a comment

What is a soul, we define it as the mind or consciousness, ability to think, imagine, to have emotions, desires and to be irrational.  What is irrationality, it is our ability to ignore the evidence as it is presented and to trust our gut instincts no matter how much evidence to the contrary there is.  Abolitionists would have been considered irrational at the time, the economic consensus of the time saw slavery as a necessity, in fact even today the argument is an irrational one – it appeals only to the emotions we feel it is wrong to treat another human in this way, just as we feel it is wrong for adults to have sex with children or for people to be cruel to animals.  We would think somebody disturbed if they wanted a rational debate on the pros and cons of paedophilia, animal cruelty or slavery.

Yet irrationality is often seen as a weakness used in derogatory terms often to describe women, why? Women in all societies as mothers have often needed to develop a stronger awareness of emotions, how certain actions are likely to affect others emotionally as well as physically.  As mothers women often understand that emotions are often more important than other physical factors that for a baby being loved and nurtured is more important than the best cot or pram.  This is not to say that women are more empathic than men, but to say historically they have been placed in situations where their main roles were ones that required them to develop empathy whilst men traditionally occupied roles such as a soldier where empathy for the enemy was necessarily discouraged.

Irrationality or our gut instinct says something is wrong, whatever good evidence we are being given something is missing  here I may not know what it is yet but it doesn’t feel right. This irrationality, emotions and desires are ruled by Pluto and it is what makes us human, sometimes these very things can make us selfish, manipulative and greedy but they are also what make us capable of changing the world and making it a better place to live in.


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