Uranus and the Soul – Do you breathe life into your Ideals?   1 comment

The Sumerian God Enlil means lord Wind or Lord Breath, the breath in Sumerian mythology represents the soul, we talk about ‘as long as I have breath in my lungs’ when we could say as long as there is a soul in my body, our breath represents something more when something ‘takes our breath away’ it often makes our soul soar, inspires awe and wonder in us.

In Genesis it says God created Adam’s body and breathed into it, was it air or a soul that was breathed into Adam to give him life in genesis or was it both. Can we do the same, we can save lives by mouth to mouth resuscitation but do we breath a part of our soul into another to give life? saving a life can be a soul defining moment for us and it can make us feel connected to another person at a soul level. If we can share our soul through resuscitation what about kissing, certainly the people we prefer to kiss are those we wish to create a deep bond with. We could say the people we have kissed the most are those we feel connected to on a soul level.

What about talking that is part of our breath, when we talk with each other can we share our soul, most of us would admit to having soul to soul conversations. Live streaming and blogging means that we can have soul to soul conversations globally, in Scotland we have named it commonspace. Commonspace allows us to communicate as Scots with each other to share our soul with others to reach out. Place where we can talk about what is important to us locally, nationally and globally, where we can join demonstrations around the globe and show our mutual support.

This sharing of our soul is not a spiritual thing but a human thing, our soul is with the exception of Buddhists almost universally accepted, the soul is sometimes called the mind. Atheists believe we have a mind and speech is one of the oldest ways of expressing what’s on our mind or our soul. Not all speech, in astrology this difference is symbolised by Mercury and Uranus.  Mercury covers everything from shopping lists to asking questions such as does God exist? When we ask does God exist and we think about it we are under the influence of Uranus, higher ideas whether we are Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist or Jewish. When we ask what sort of society do we want to live in we are under the influence of Uranus whether we are politically left, centre or right. What our beliefs or politics are do not define whether we are strongly influenced by Uranus but how much breath of life we give to these questions, how often we consider them and how much importance we place on them.


Posted July 26, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

One response to “Uranus and the Soul – Do you breathe life into your Ideals?

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  1. I like this a lot and it resonates with a lot of how I have thought of the octave – Mercury to Uranus – over the years. Right now I have Mercury going nuts with the phone ringing and making all sorts of noises due to messages running from line to line. It seems to never end. I often think about the role played by Mercury throughout the 10 year campaign of the Greeks on the beaches of Troy.

    Coyote from Orion

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