Venus Retrograde – Power of White man’s myth   2 comments

Socrates, Plato, Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, Hume, Mills, Sartre & Singer – they have many things in common they are all men, white, European and all philosophers. Do you know any black anthropologists that study Europeans? Every wondered if Freud’s psychoanalysis based on Greek mythology (couldn’t be based on Celtic mythology even some Europeans are inferior to others) was any different than practising voodoo or witchcraft?  Yet academics will argue that the white man’s myth is different, Freud is science because its European mythology and black mythology is just primitive superstition. From birth we are conditioned not to even notice these things, not to see that everything we are told is history, culture or psychology is a white man’s myth. At the end of Venus retrograde just before moving forwards Venus is sextile Mercury in Libra and we have the ability to focus on just how we relate to each other and what prejudices we take for granted.

Even within astrology the myths of the Sumerians and Egyptians were stripped and replaced with Greek / Roman mythology – a racist, misogynist mythology that academics accept as a basis for psychoanalysis, yet they see Voodoo as primitive pagan superstition.  Those same academics will argue that astrology is also primitive pagan superstition whilst using psychoanalysis without failing to see the irony, neither are science both are based on mythology alone but one has and does incorporate different mythologies in the hope of creating a greater more rounded view of what being human means.


Posted July 24, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

2 responses to “Venus Retrograde – Power of White man’s myth

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  1. Good argument worth expounding. The psychiatric profession has only continued upon a career path fraught with issues best played through best with the aid of high budget projection programs. It’s quite bizarre really. I guess when we stare into the abyss, sometimes the abyss stares back into us.
    I don’t think too many medical graduates are even classically educated anymore anyway… being educated will probably be classified a mental illness soon enough anyway. I know having a sense of humor about it can be 😉

    Coyote from Orion
  2. Especially if you are the victim ;(

    Coyote from Orion

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