Venus in retrograde – What is freedom!   1 comment

Rick Roderick was my favourite philosopher, saying was because he is now past tense. His father was a con artist and wobbly, his mother a hairdresser.  He was raised in Texas and sounded a bit like Forest Gump.  None of these things immediately spring to mind when you imagine a philosophy professor, yet it was a vital part of who he was.  He was a professor who could say question everybody even me with honesty because he was separate from academia completely.  When you are raised by a single parent hairdresser and your father is a con artist you are freed from trying to conform to academia.  This is an important thing for philosophers, no decent philosophy is created in conformation with power structures but in opposition to them. Thus freedom from conformity is important for good philosophy.

Freedom from conformity is often difficult people end up conforming to their nonconformist group, hippies, goths, emus & punks all bred their own nonconformist conformity.  To truly be nonconformist is never to belong to any group.  All groups that start in nonconformity and anarchy end in their own conformity which people either follow or are excluded.  Thus the nonconformist is only nonconformist when they are in a majority of one.

Venus in retrograde moves back to trine Uranus the planet that symbolises our nonconformist majority of one.  This brings up the issues of being the nonconformist majority of one how do you organise into what appears to be a group, without creating a group in which people will ultimately have to conform, how do you solve the problem of direct democracy without creating conformist structures within.  This is hard because structures are often subtle like dress, how we speak, whether we question feminist propaganda, anarchist propaganda as much as main stream media propaganda.  christianity was one religion that started out as nonconformist and some Christians still are but mainstream Christianity is founded on imposing conformity. Conformity in dress, language, what we are allowed to question.

Most political groups and religions started on a nonconformist path and ended in mainstream conformity, it is the common theme throughout history and perhaps the most vital question is not whether we can create anarchist societies history is full of them but whether they can retain their anarchist credentials and remain majorities of one within any group.


Posted July 24, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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  1. I think Kim Jong Un’s hairdresser is a con artist?

    Coyote from Orion

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