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Nietzsche said ‘God is dead’, an unusual statement, an atheist doesn’t believe God existed and believers believe God is alive!  God is dead reflects lack of belief that marks the modern era God is no longer at the centre of our communities or our lives even though there are believers.  At this time we have ex-prime minster Tony Blair telling Socialists that socialism is dead,  yes there are still believers but it is no longer at the centre of our working class communities or lives.  Nietzsche goes on to ask what myths and atonement rituals shall we invent now or shall we become Gods? God here represents the ideal that is bigger than ourselves that gives life a central meaning. For us to become Gods we place our own self interest as the central meaning of life, embracing a life in which narcissism or celebrity is our reason d’etre.  Or we must find a replacement an ideal bigger and infinitely superior to who we are as individuals, if it is true socialism is dead we must either face embracing celebrity culture or find an alternative. Venus is going retrograde to conjunct Jupiter and at this time we must question whether we have our old Gods, created new Gods or if we have made ourselves Gods. Whether you are socialist or conservative, you may have to look at your ideals and beliefs, check whether they are alive and kicking or obsolete.

Is socialism dead can it be resurrected, what is the alternative to it, is celebrity culture all that remains of society? These are the questions that may be asked by followers of Bernie Sanders in USA and Jeremy Corbyn in UK, Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain.  Are they the few remaining faithful or is socialism seeing a resurrection? Can it become a central theme once again in all our lives?

Nietzsche when he talks about Christianity failed to differentiate between Robert Burns ‘Holy Willie’ who uses belief as an abuse of power and vengeance, and ‘mother Teresa’ who used belief to reach out to others and make lives better. The same can be said of socialism we fail to separate it from abusive regimes who used it like religion to abuse power and seek vengeance on the non-believer, and those who used it as a method of helping others.  The death of religion as a means to control and manipulate is mainly what Nietzsche focuses on just as the ideal of communism was / is used as a means to control in totalitarian regimes. Is this death merely the death of totalitarian religion in which case the belief is still one in which many can and may centre their lives around not under dictatorship but voluntarily through belief.

If ‘God is dead’ refers not to religion being central in our lives but the power of the Church to be central, whether Catholic or state, then as a Christian I am glad that God is dead I never liked him and would choose hell over a vengeful cruel God like him.  I place my God, central in my life and nobody else’s because my God is based on my beliefs and views it is not defined by church or literal reading of Bible as word of God but by my personal interpretation of men describing their relationship to the divine. Perhaps the same may be said of socialism, if it is not socialism itself that has died but totalitarian regimes that usurped the ideology of communism, then I am also glad I never liked that ‘communism’ and I would choose hell over living in a vengeful, cruel regime.  I place my anarcho-communist ideals, central in my life and nobody else’s because they are my interpretation and are not defined by a literal definition of Marx or Tolstoy but my interpretation of men trying to describe their relationship to ideals of freedom and equality.

This is like Thomas Jefferson’s personal cut and paste bible, which contained what he believed in, yet others would argue that bible cannot be added to or removed, yet Thomas Jefferson did not unlike James I create a bible to add or remove anything from, he merely created his own copy of what held true for him.  The same can be said of Marx and others we can take what holds true for us without creating a new edition of his books.  This may cause criticism from some who want to control what we believe as a source of power and manipulation, Such as the church or ex-prime ministers who seek power for power’s sake and not for a belief or ideal.  Socialism isn’t dead nor its abuse, but it is like religion split between those who seek power and those of faith who seek the divine.  Whatever Gods we created they to would be subject to the same fate, they always have been and they always will.

Whatever your beliefs at this time you may look at how they may be used as a method of control, abuse and manipulation, whether it is your ideals that are the issue or how others usurp them for their own good.

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Posted July 23, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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