Venus retrograde – Does a witch wear a witch’s hat because she is a witch or does wearing a witch’s hat make her a witch?   Leave a comment

For those unfamiliar with Terry Pratchett’s ‘Disc World’ a witch’s hat is what makes her a witch and as such is powerful magic like the white coat doctors wear.  Clothes make an identity and that identity such as police, paramedics, doctors or judges is powerful. For most of human history we have used clothes to define status such as royalty, serf, magistrate or soldier.  However in the modern world  clothes don’t just represent social status or occupation, we can walk into shops and buy a whole personal identity, first shop dress as an anarchist, second shop buy a religious / spiritual outlook and off we can go to MacDonald’s with our whole new persona irrespective of whether it reflects who we are or is merely a shallow fashion accessory we can exchange for Goth in a few months if we become bored. Venus goes retrograde to conjunct the Sun and at this time we may choose to look at whether we have created and forged a personality that reflects our values or whether we have simply bought a series of personas to fit the prevailing fashions of the time.

Have we been narrating our own story in our true voice or the voice that is currently on trend and in fashion, have we found a way of expressing what our ideals and beliefs are or do we buy them off the peg at GAP, to be changed each season, for the current trend.  If it is your voice it is unlikely that it changes with the season, always agrees with the majority or in crowd or is particularly bothered about what others think.  The best witches are the ones who are powerful with or without their witch’s hat because they were born a witch and shall die a witch.  Their narration is a magical one because it has a theme throughout the story.



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