How does Astrology fit in with different Belief systems? Post dedicated to Indy Climb   1 comment

Astrology is recorded in Sumerian, Mesopotamian, ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek mythology. From the earliest times the movement of the constellations at sun set and sunrise were used to determine the season, stars were also used to navigate and our earliest hunter gatherer ancestors would have depended greatly on them and would have been much more familiar with the night sky than many of us are today.

From this dependence on the sky grew astrology, which has evolved into many forms and will continue to evolve, this is because astrology views the planets and stars as symbols and any symbols can be used to express an infinite amount of ideas and news ways at looking at the world.  Thus astrology has the capacity to represent symbolically all belief systems and ideologies.

astrology is not one set thing nor a science but a way of using symbols to express what is happening in the world at a certain time and place thus modern astrology must differ from ancient Greek or Sumerian because it is from a different time and place but it can include relevant ideas from these times, it can also question ancient stereo-types and beliefs contained within and adapt or move beyond them.  It can be used to express what is happening in our world and how we regard what is happening in terms of purpose and lessons we want to pass on to the next generation through our own reinvention of mythology for this time and place.

In this way we can use astrology to express the newest ideas, beliefs and ideals whilst also understanding ancient ideas, beliefs and ideals all of which may have aspects that we can relate to our own ideologies and help us put our life in perspective. From which we can take what we want that fits into our own ideology irrespective of beliefs behind the many interpretations of astrology. One does not need to believe in reincarnation to gain insight from Evolutionary astrology, nor does belief in karma stop one from gaining insight from free will astrology both and many others are valid ways of expressing different aspects of life.  Astrology occupies a space beyond a belief system, value system of any one time or period – the space of human imagination and re-invention.



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    Critical mass is what I am concerned with and the last time this earth was at Critical mass. Seemingly all souls currently here have business from that last time?

    Coyote from Orion

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