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Natal Chart Report for David Graeber

Born Sunday 12th Febuary 1961 New York time Unknown

Helical rising star Acumen

Acumen belongs to a cluster of stars that represent the sting of the scorpion.  In the Taurean age the Scorpion was slain by the sun at the autumnal equinox. In Mesopotamian astrology Libra represented its claws holding the balance between day and night, in mythology Inanna (Venus) slew the scorpion and caused the night to grow longer.  This is a major theme of Scorpio the desire to cling to control and maintain balance at any price, the sudden loss of control through overwhelming emotional forces, that bring about the natural destructive processes necessary for renewal and growth.  The sting of the Scorpion represents sharp, acute pain and the ability to inflict this metaphorically, to make other bow down low.  This does not mean that the person is either violent or vindictive…

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