Uranus in Partners 10th house   Leave a comment

Uranus in Partners 10th house brings the relationship into the public eye as an example of modern and contemporary lifestyles that use imagination to create a relationship which challenges preconceived ideas.  Both are likely t be very open about their relationship and willing to discuss how society and ideology must be challenged when it comes to preconceived ideas about what relationships should be.

Uranus in Leo in 10th house

here the relationship is one in which both are likely to express their individuality creatively and they will make a striking couple and able to communicate their shared values to the public in new and original ways that capture public imagination is some way.  This relationship is one in which both feel comfortable expressing their affections for each other publicly and openly.

Uranus in Virgo in 10th house

here the relationship is one in which both partners are very down to earth and open about their relationship, they tend to enjoy sharing their ideas and evolving them together with the ability to support each others ideas in public and expand upon them.  There tends to be a lot of thought within the relationship about how we should support one another whilst remaining able to question each other’s ideology.

Uranus in Libra in the 10th house

here the relationship is one in which the public is invited in, the relationship may be one that challenges society’s perception of what a relationship may be, both parties may give each other a level of freedom that is unique and both may be very open about that freedom and why it is important to them.  It is likely that they believe in complete trust by giving complete freedom.

Uranus in Scorpio in 10th house

here the relationship is one in which both the desires and needs within the relationship and the need to overcome our fears in order to give each partner the freedom to be themselves without fear of rejection comes into the public arena in some form.  This relationship may be one in which overcming jealousy and other emotional issues is done in the public eye.  There is a strong likelihood that the relationship is one that symbolises transformation.

Uranus in Sagittarius in 10th house

here the relationship is one where how we perceive the world around us and the cultural influences is challenged to allow both greater freedom this is likely to be done in the public eye and part of this is to make society question the cultural inpact of stereo-types within relationships.  Not only are stereo-types likely to be questioned but what is public or private may also be questioned challenging others to come to terms with sexuality and its expression in new ways.

Uranus in Capricorn in 10th house

here the relatinship is one in which the development of stable relationships able to change continuously with life’s circumstances may be played out in the public arena.  The relationship is likely to be one in which stability is found within the shared ideological values of the couple and not external factors, which may be subject to widespread change without altering the inter-personal stability of the relationship.

Uranus in Aquarius in 10th house

here the relationship is one in which how we as individuals become part of a unit as a couple and as a community, this searching for understanding between individuality and couplehood is likely to be public and one in which questions of how we do that at this present time is reflected against traditional methods and both questioned as t what positive and negative influences they cause.

Uranus in Pisces in 10th house

here the relationship is one in which the unconscious influences of the culture we live in are questioned why do we define some attributes as either masculine or feminine, attributes can be neither yet we have expectations placed on us in relationships which are complete unconscius and based on assumptions we have never come to question.  Here the interaction within the relationship finally brings an opportunity to see our unconscious assumptions and to find new beliefs about who and what we are in regards to each other.


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