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This is a sample chart comparable to one you can win by donating to Ehler Danlos Awareness Dazzle Campaign


Astrology does not give us answers but questions, what does it mean to be conscious, to be aware of our family and our environment and yet as all living things fragile and vulnerable to the twists of fate and fortune.  With dreams hopes and desires.

Natal Chart Report for David Graeber

Born Sunday 12th February 1961 New York time Unknown

Sunrise represents the birth of our consciousness, our awareness of being which is represented by the sun.  The last star to rise with the sun at our time of birth is called our heliacal rising star.  Our Helical rising star like the sign the sun rises in which is more commonly known as our sun sign, gives individual questions and meaning to our own unique consciousness.

Heliacal rising star Acumen

Acumen belongs to a cluster of stars that represent the sting of the scorpion.  In the Taurean age the Scorpion was slain by the sun at the autumnal equinox. In Mesopotamian astrology Libra represented its claws holding the balance between day and night, in mythology Inanna (Venus) slew the scorpion and caused the night to grow longer.  This is a major theme of Scorpio the desire to cling to control and maintain balance at any price, the sudden loss of control through overwhelming emotional forces, that bring about the natural destructive processes necessary for renewal and growth.  The sting of the Scorpion represents sharp, acute pain and the ability to inflict this metaphorically, to make another bow down low.  This does not mean that the person is either violent or vindictive but capable of sudden acts of defence or defiance. With Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) conjunct the North Node of the moon in Virgo opposite Mercury (ruler of virgo) in the natal chart, these stings are most likely to be verbal, critical and analytic.  Pluto sextile Mars in Cancer (other co ruler of Scorpio) indicates strong emotional responses and defence around family, community, country or this individuals sense of roots, history, environment and belonging.  Acumen means sharp or pointed often linked to sharp mind and with Pluto opposite Mercury in the natal chart the individual is capable of spotting hidden agendas and ideologies when sifting through information and is likely to question the bias in statistics or ‘facts’.  Added to this Mars is Out of Bounds, beyond the 23.5 degree northern path of the Sun at summer solstice, which means the individual is not bound by the societal norms in which they live which means they are more likely to challenge authority figures, rules and regulations especially their own inner psychological restrictions in order to create inner renewal and growth these challenges are likely to be fierce, penetrating and well planned.  Since Mars is in Cancer this is symbolic of the environment they grew up in although they are very likely unconscious  of this origin.

Heliacal setting star Castor

On the 10th of Simanu the True Shepherd of Anu and the Great Twins becomes visible, – this is called helical rising, helical setting is when the star is no longer visible at night. Heliacal setting star thus does not appear as visible to others but plays a major role in the person’s life and how they view their own personal story.  Our heliacal setting star relates more to the moon, our family, environment and childhood influences.

Castor is the mortal twin of Pollux, and as such is a reminder of the fragility of life. The story of Castor and Pollux is one in which our relationship with our siblings and peers leads to altruism.  As such Castor represents the fragility of life, our capacity to act altruistically and our equality irrespective of birth.  Mercury in Pisces (ruler of Gemini) conjunct South Node of the Moon indicates that childhood influences placed great importance on altruism, equality and the fragility of life and that these issues may have sensitive memories relating to past events. Mercury semi-square Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn indicates an inner dynamic in which the individual is constantly trying to balance these influences with their own ideology and sense of reality. Mercury contra parallel to Venus indicates an inner struggle with the individual’s own desire nature when it comes to perceiving it as selfish or unfair, which may lead to questioning of own motives especially within relationships.  The individual may also struggle to accept that their own emotional responses are valid irrespective of whether they are rational, fair or altruistic.

Sun in Aquarius conjunct Deneb Algedi (Tail of Capricorn)

Capricorn represents the Horn of Plenty, Deneb Algedi the tail represents plenty but in the form of spiritual wisdom or the living waters of Aquarius, In Sumerian language water and semen are the same word this represents fertility of humanity to imagine and create societies that are just, fair and prosperous, Sun conjunct Deneb Algedi represents incorporating these ideals into the narration of the individual’s life.

Sun in Aquarius opposite Uranus in Leo

The sun represents the narrator of our own unique story, Sun in Aquarius individuals narrate their story like a sci-fi drama or novel such as Dune, there is a feeling of being in an alien culture, civilisation or universe wherever they are born and live.  In Mesopotamian astrology Aquarius represented the Waters of the Great One Enki, father of civilisation yet those with the sun here struggle with feelings of being alien whatever civilisation they are part of.  This feeling of alienation allows those with sun in Aquarius to question what most people take for granted without noticing, it also allows them to identify closely with outcasts of society.  With Uranus opposite Sun this feeling of constant alienation is accentuated.  The individual may have felt this especially during childhood where their imagination, creativity and self expression were unappreciated, repressed or misunderstood by others or they may have been expected to show a degree of independence and self reliance beyond their years.  This may have led the individual struggling to develop appropriate self confidence in their own independent abilities and talents.

With the Sun semi-sextile Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus Quincunx Jupiter and Saturn there is a sense of alienation in which as a child the individual struggled to understand the ideological reasons for adult behaviour directed towards them especially when this behaviour seemed authoritarian, cold and unnecessary or if adults had failed to set reasonable boundaries and structures for their safety and security.  This may have led the individual to take longer to develop their own ability to risk assess appropriately or they may have been forced to do this at a very early age before they had the capacity to do so.

Venus in Aries semi-square Sun

The individual is deeply sensitive abut how others perceive them and there is a tendency to cover this up by sudden outbursts when somebody touches on a sensitive subject relating to their sense of self confidence especially around their need for close emotional bonds and security as a child especially as a baby where circumstances may have affected this process for some reason.  This event may still affect the individual in personal relationships and they may still struggle to form bonds easily in their close personal relationships.

Mars in Cancer trine Sun

The individual is quite comfortable with their natural biological drives and instincts and accepts this part of themselves as part of the story of who they are and why they made certain choices / actions in life.  The individual is also comfortable accepting that these drives and instincts have been influenced by their need for emotional security, affection and nurturing.

Waning crescent Moon in Capricorn

The individual was born under a waning crescent moon and is uncomfortable openly displaying their need for belonging and affection in public.  They are capable of being extremely affectionate in private but do not like to share their emotional life or have their family in the public eye and can be extremely protective of both. With the moon in Capricorn the individual does not tend to express their emotions without questioning how reasonable they are first, this means that they can repress a lot of emotions they think are unjustified or unreasonable rather than just accepting them as just emotions without the need of validity.  When it comes to family and friends they are capable of looking after both for long periods due to a strong sense of responsibility and duty.

Since exact time of birth is unknown the moon could potentially make the following aspects:

Scenario 1

Moon semi square Sun in Aquarius

With this aspect there is a high probability that the individuals parents’ relationship was very volatile and extremely passionate, this may have been hard for the individual to feel secure as it would have been unlikely they would be able to predict the atmosphere at home or completely relax as both parents could react suddenly to each other in unpredictable ways.  With Venus square Mars in the natal chart this individual tends to find themselves in similar relationships this may be an attempt to work through the unresolved issues of their parents’ relationship and partially due learnt behaviour that feels comfortable and familiar.

Moon trine Pluto in Virgo, North Node of Moon

With this aspect they will be very protective of family and close friends, it is likely that their friends and family will have a deep impact on the choices they make in life and they are capable of enduring almost any situation rather than hurt or disappoint those that are close to them.  There is an intense loyalty with this aspect that makes the individual capable of almost anything when it comes to protecting those that are close to them.  This individual will be likely to forgive the most painful betrayals from close long term friends and family rather than lose them for without friends and family they feel whatever they accomplish in life it is worthless.

Moon sextile Neptune in Scorpio

With this aspect they will have had many experiences that has called into question their beliefs about family, roots, history, community and country which means ideas on these subjects are always in constant state of change.  There is a need to explore their own family history and to find meaning from the past that may be relevant to what they are experiencing today, in order to connect with a sense of who they are and where they belong in the world.

Moon sextile Mercury in Pisces

With this aspect they are capable of understanding people intuitively on an emotional level and it is likely they developed this gift as a small child perhaps as a result of their own childhood experiences.  They have great empathy towards others and instinctively respond to others emotional needs with sensitivity and compassion.  They are also capable of expressing their emotions clearly and without anxiety irrespective of how intense a situation is, they rarely lose emotional control when communicating.

Moon square Venus in Aries

There is conflict here between the desire to remain in control of emotions and to examine their rationality as opposed to the desire to express affection and emotional needs on impulse especially in romantic situations, this may lead to sudden emotional outbursts in relationships when suppressed feels may overwhelm the individual.

Moon opposite Mars

There is a need to protect emotions at all cost and the individual is likely to be very sensitive emotionally but will hide this side of their nature and respond to any perceived emotional threats instantaneously especially any perceived sense of betrayal.  They are unlikely to share their emotins with anybody but a few trusted friends and when hurt they may take a long time to recover emotionally and to forgive.

Scenario 2

Moon semi-sextile Sun in Aquarius it is likely that this individual’s parents seemed to have little in common and may have been emotionally distant, with this individual’s natal Venus and Mars in square aspect this may have lead them to have intense relationships where emotions play a dynamic part as a response to emotional distance they felt as a child.

Moon conjunct Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn

It is likely that this individual has strong sense of idealism and responsibility which revolves around family influences and was raised in an atmosphere where both were extremely important and form the basis of their childhood and sense of identity.  It is likely that the individual’s mother was both larger than life character with abundant energy as well as extremely protective and nurturing providing stability, strength and structure without hampering freedom of expression and fun.

Moon quincunx Uranus

Sense of being separate from family on an emotional level without understanding why, it is likely that a situation occurred in early childhood which may have caused this but which the individual was to young to understand or comprehend on a cognitive level but  which left this emotional impression which may lead them to avoid closeness for fear of separation.

Moon Semi-square Mercury in Pisces

With this aspect the individual struggles to express emotions clearly since they are felt intensely, this creates tension in relationships which may lead to verbal explosions at times which may be the only point when they can let go and express their feelings. This aspect is very dynamic and there is a lot of tension between this person’s need to be rational and their need to express emotions.

Venus in Aries

Aries begins at the spring equinox which has been associated with Inanna (Venus) since Sumerian times, since Inanna / Anu (Uranus) rule the equinox. Venus is loosely conjunct the spring equinox in the natal chart which represents fertility, creativity and renewal.  Venus in this position represents the power of Inanna Queen of heaven.  The individual is likely to be direct in going after what they desire in life.  They are also likely to be quick to anger when they are denied whatever they desire but also quick to let go and unlikely to hold a grudge.  The fiery nature of Inanna and her capacity to wage war was usurped in Roman mythology by Mars, thus in later astrology Mars was said to represent the male in a man’s chart and Venus their ideal partner, and vice versa in a woman’s chart.  This was due to gender stereotyping for both gender’s Mars and Venus represent who they are and how they express different needs.  It is only when these needs are unexpressed due to social conditioning that they are projected onto the opposite sex as a means of fulfilling inherent desires.

Venus conjunct Fixed star Algenib (wing of Pegasus)

In mythology Pegasus springs from the body of Medusa at her death, Medusa in Greek mythology was a high priestess of Athena, thus Pegasus represents both the wisdom of Athena and the mysticism / spirituality of Neptune. With Venus conjunct Algenib the wing tip the person is highly imaginative and creative in an intellectual capacity. Asteroid Medusa in Sagittarius is also trine Venus and square Mercury, Medusa is an ancient symbol and equates to Humbaba guardian of the cedar forest (Medusa originates from Greek word for guardian) in Mesopotamian mythology, Humbaba who was killed by Gilgamesh much to Inanna’s (Venus) anger has seven layers of mystical armour or what may be seven auras/ chakras and this energy is returned to the earth after his death. Medusa thus represents the guardian, creative energy and self sacrifice, this denotes that this individual is capable of sacrificing much to protect others and is also capable of investing much energy into achieving what they desire in life.

Venus square Mars in Cancer

whilst the Sun and Moon reflect the interaction between male and female role models especially our parents, Mars and Venus represents how we interact with our partner in sexual relationships.  The square represents dynamic interaction that is often intense, passionate and volatile. There is constant tension within this individual between the need to go after what they want directly and the desire to be sensitive and understanding or at least to be perceived in that way.  There may be greater friction within sexual relationships if this individual’s efforts to be considerate, sensitive and understanding go unnoticed or unappreciated. This may cause the individual to either withdraw emotionally from the relationship or to become very direct about what they feel is wrong.  However at the same time the individual may be particularly sensitive to any criticism levelled at him about being insensitive and may cause arguments because they withdraw emotional whenever this is raised causing their partner to force the issue in dramatic and intense ways.

This is intensified by Venus semi-square Sun and sesquiquadrate Uranus in Leo which makes the individual feel rejected and overly sensitive to criticism within relationships as well as requiring emotional support and stability whilst insisting the maintain their own individual freedom without compromise.  The individual also tends to seek emotional reassurance whilst being uncomfortable with feeling too close to their partner or with things being calm and stable. This aspect is very dynamic and one that they will feel intensely.

However with Venus at the Apex of a Yod with Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio, they have difficulty understanding that although they feel an intense need for freedom within relationships they also desire and need to feel an intense connection on an emotional / soul / spiritual level although this aspect is not felt as urgently as the need for freedom and space within a relationship it is only when this aspect of their personality is recognised that they have the potential of fulfilling it.

Mars in Cancer

Mars here is directly at the point of the Summer Solstice, 0 degrees Cancer, in Mesopotamian astrology this point is ruled by Enlil, Lord Wind /breath/spirit.  Mars here is beyond the declination of the sun at this point and is thus Out of Bounds this is especially powerful as the individual was not born during summer period. The Sumerians associated the last breath with the spirit leaving the body and unless the proper rituals were performed it would remain part of the wind, these spirits were called Lilu and they roamed the desert looking for females to impregnate. In the epic of Gilgamesh it is claimed his father was a Lilu.  Lilu corresponds with Priapus in astrology, Priapus represents the closest point in orbit of moon – the perigree this is opposite the apogee ( point where moon is furthest from earth) or Black Moon Lilith.  Priapus is in Aquarius sextile Venus and square Neptune.  Priapus in Greek mythology represents protection, fertility and the phallus as being separate from the mind and control of man.  Priapus is also said to be the father of Ares (Mars).  Priapus represents physical response from a purely biological function devoid of cognitive  or emotional input this aspect of Priapus is accepted as a purely hedonistic reaction by the individual although they may be uncomfortable acting upon such instincts without an emotional bond.

Mars represents not only sexual drives that are purely biological but also sexual drives created through emotional and cognitive bonding and these drives are especially important to the individual as they seek sexual relationships that have emotional and cognitive potential. Black moon lilith represents the female equivalent of Priapus in the natal chart it is in Leo semi-sextile Mars and quincunx Chiron.  Although the individual is aware that women also have sexual responses on a purely biological reaction they struggle to understand this aspect of female sexuality and may have felt rejection from a female within a relationship because of this lack of emotional or cognitive bonding.  This is especially important since Mars is trine Chiron and the individual seeks psychological reassurance especially from lovers especially when they feel vulnerable.

Mars trine Sun in Aquarius means the individual is comfortable with his drives whether sexual or competitive he accepts them as part of the natural instincts for survival that all humans share. It is also easy to use these drives to fulfil goals and this individual can easily find the energy to achieve what they want in life without an inner dilemma.

Mars trine Mercury in Pisces enables the individual to accept drives irrespective of their logical value, it also enables them to use these drives as a means to fulfil cognitive and intellectual goals with ease. The individual is also comfortable expressing their drives and saying what they want.

Mercury in Pisces

“Gilgamesh whither are you wandering? Life, which you look for, you will never find.  For when the Gods created man, they let death be his share, and life withheld in their own hands.  Gilgamesh, fill your belly. Day and night make merry.  Let days be full of joy, dance and make music day and night. And wear fresh clothes. and wash your head and bathe. Look at the child that is holding your hand, and let your wife delight in your embrace.  These things alone are the concern of men.”

“There never was a passage, Oh Gilgamesh,

And no one, who from the earliest times came hither, hath crossed the sea.

The hero Shamash (Sun) hath indeed crossed the sea, but who beside him could do so?

The passage is hard, and the way is difficult,

And the waters of death which bar its front are deep.

If then, Gilgamesh, thou art able to cross the sea,

When you arrive at the waters of death what wilt thou do?”

Siduri which means young woman in Hurrian and may be Ishtar / Inanna / Ashtarte / Venus / Aphrodite

Siduri was described as an Ale Wife Goddess, asteroid Ninkasi in Capricorn(Sumerian goddess of beer) is conjunct Jupiter and Saturn and semi-square Mercury.  Which makes this individual aware of the realities of life and the importance of enjoying it while we can.

In Greek mythology Aphrodite and Eros are rescued by two fish which are placed in the heavens as the constellation Pisces. In later Syrian mythology two fish rescue an egg from the Euphrates and from this egg came Ashtarte.

Pisces then has connections to love, happiness, fulfilment and mortality.  Those with Mercury in Pisces understand that life is fragile and that it should be enjoyed whilst we can, they also understand grief and loss better than most.  They have an ability to empathise with most people, Pisces is a sign that believes in love in the spiritual / ideological sense of compassion and altruism towards our fellow man.  However they are also aware that these ideals are impossible for mere mortals to live up to.  This failure to live up to their own ideals makes them compassionate with the failures of others.  These individuals find communicating ideas with others easy and this is especially true in person as they are able to pick up subtle clues in body language and tone of voice much easier than many others.

Mercury semi-sextile Venus this person is aware of their raw emotional reactions but find it difficult to communicate these emotions effectively at times.  They struggle to find balance between what they feel and what they think at times and tend to keep the two separate.

Mercury trine Mars in Cancer, this individual is very relaxed about their basic drives and accept them, they are quite relaxed about expressing these drives and also express their passions and anger fluidly when speaking, they are more comfortable venting their anger verbally rather than physically and are more likely to express anger in a calm calculated manner rather than in an explosion of temper.

Mercury semi-square Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, this individual is acutely aware of the highs and lows of life, they tend to like to maintain a balance between optimism and pessimism for them the glass is always half full and half empty and this viewpoint allows them to be both optimistic and yet practical at the same time.  They are unlikely to fall for grand schemes or ideas without thinking of the practical consequences first and consider both the positives and the negatives equally of any idea.

Mercury trine Neptune in Scorpio

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, this individual is comfortable with expressing their ideals, fantasies and dreams.  They are aware of illusion and disillusionment as part of the human experience and understand mythology, symbolism and stories as ways of expressing the human imagination and spiritual needs.  This person understands parables and stories are a way of passing on information, expressing abstract ideas and expressing the potential of the mind to imagine.

Mercury opposite Pluto in Virgo, This individual has a sharp mind and likes to probe beneath the surface of what people say to find out what is really going on.  They also have the ability to be extremely cutting when speaking to people and this can be an intense experience for those on the receiving end of their sharp tongue as what may be said may reveal aspects of that person’s personality that they are extremely uncomfortable with.

Mercury conjunct the South Node of the Moon, the thought patterns of this individual have been developed in childhood and are very pronounced and unlikely to change much throughout life, this person tends to use childhood experiences as their template for how they view the world now and whatever ideas were important in childhood while still remain central throughout their life.

Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Deneb Okab (Wing of the eagle)

although Deneb means tail Deneb Okab is in the wing of the eagle Aquilla. Aquilla represents Jupiter who changed into an eagle to abduct Ganymede to become his lover and cup-bearer. Deneb Okab was also part of the constellation of Antinous, who was the lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian before his death. Both Ganymede and Antinous became gay Icons. Asteroid Frank Kameny in Scorpio (Gay Civil Rights Campaigner) is sextile Jupiter and Saturn and forms the Apex of a T-square with Sun and Uranus, which gives this individual a strong belief in equality of rights for all and the freedom to chose. Asteroid Ganymede conjunct Pluto and the North Node of the Moon, opposite Mercury drives this individual to speak out against prejudice in society, Ganymede as the cup-bearer of Olympus is in an honoured position in which the Gods have placed complete trust in him and this asteroid conjunct natal north Node of the Moon indicates the potential to be placed in great trust or high esteem in life.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn, gives the individual an awareness of both the fruitfulness of life and the realities of mortality.  The individual is aware that circumstances in life can change suddenly from financial crisis, to crop failure, earthquake, flood and fire, abundance can turn to famine within days.  Thus although this individual is usually hopeful of the future they are also extremely practical and like to prepare as much as possible for all and any eventuality. Jupiter represents our faith, our hope, our understanding of symbolism and our ability to gamble and take risks in life conjunct Saturn in Capricorn this individual is likely to show moderation in risk taking, gambling and their faith in people / ideals.  They are unlikely to be carried away by their beliefs and question the rational / propaganda behind movements. Saturn represents our understanding of reality, parenting, consequences, hard work, continuity and boundaries conjunct Jupiter the individual is likely to believe in working hard to achieve what they want from life and the importance of maintaining self control.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn semi-sextile Sun in Aquarius, makes it difficult for the individual to fully incorporate their need for recognition and self fulfilment into their future plans and personal ideology.  They are aware of this aspect of their personality but struggle to accept their own narcissistic tendencies as essential part of who they are and try to distance themselves from their own interpretation of their life and the inherent biases within it.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn semi-square Mercury in Pisces, creates an intense friction between this person’s sense of reality, ideology and their attempts to view life from a purely rational and logical perspective.  The individual struggles between what is logical and rational and what is practical or idealistic and is constantly trying to fuse these aspects between the intellect, imagination and the physical world.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn quincunx Uranus in Leo, there is a disconnect between this persons idealism, practicality and their need for personal freedom and expression of individuality which makes it almost impossible for the individual to combine these aspects of their personality.  They tend to ignore their own need for creative expression in order to fulfil their duties or express their idealism.

Jupiter conjunct Saturn quintile Neptune in Scorpio, this person’s sense of reality, duty, idealism and faith is in harmony with their dreams, fantasies and spiritual nature.

Jupiter and Saturn Sesquiquadrate Pluto in Virgo, this person’s sense of reality, duty, idealism and faith is in constant tension with their deepest desires and darker drives.

Uranus in Leo conjunct Fixed Star Subra (knee of the Lion)

The Nemean Lion’s hide was worn by Hercules until he was decreed to be Omphale’s slave for a year. Omphale Queen of Lydia wore the Nemean lion skin and carried his club whilst Hercules wore women’s clothes and performed menial tasks reserved for women. With Uranus in Leo conjunct Subra there is an urge to question all stereotypes and societal roles, to see what happens when roles are reversed or swapped in some way. Subra represents the ability to slice through any obstacle and see what lies beneath.

Uranus opposite Sun in Aquarius, here both are mutual dispositors, i.e Sun rules Leo and Uranus rules Aquarius which means that most decisions this person makes will be a balance of both influences.

Mercury and Fomalhaut conjunct South Node of Moon in Pisces

Fomalhaut is the fish mouth in Pisces Austrinus the Great Fish, into which the waters of Aquarius flow in the southern hemisphere. A Royal star of Persia, it guards the Southern hemisphere and represents archangel Gabriel the word of God, this star marked the winter solstice in 2582 BC. Fomalhaut represents the word of God or prophet conjunct Mercury and the South Node of the Moon this star marks wisdom and spiritual guidance learnt in youth.  The individual may have had many experiences which led them to question the wisdom of others and to develop their own understanding, it is likely that they developed the skills as a child which would lead them to communicate with others in such a way as to be heard and to inspire change. Asteroid Daniel in Taurus is sextile the South Node and Trine Pluto Daniel was a major Prophet and carried great influence, the name means God is my judge and this aspect denotes that the person is comfortable in refusing to follow social customs etc. that they deem wrong, and have the courage to face danger for their beliefs. Asteroid Wisdom in Cancer is conjunct Mars and trine the South Node, this drives the individual to try to find the right solutions to the basic needs of all.


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  2. You jknow anybody with 12th house Saggitarious stellium and Venus rising in Capricorn unaspected?

    • 12th house Sagittarius stellum brings focus on beliefs, not just religious but the symboolism of language, myths, history & science. May be mild dyslexia involved as well, this is because the area of the brain that deals with abstract symbolism is different to that which processes language.
      You may be gifted in other areas that requires understanding of symbols such as Physics or Maths and you may also be fascinated by other cultures. You may also like being alone with nature and prefer being in outdoor spaces where there is no trace of humanity, no sound of cars or buildings in sight.
      Venus rising in Capricorn gives you a natural maturity when it comes to handling instinctual emotional responses. Instinctual emotional responses is just whether we instinctively love the smell of cauliflower or hate it, for example and although we may learn as kids to eat cauliflower that emotional response to it is always there. Hope that helps, interesting you chose this to comment on Sagittarius and Jupiter have a natural affinity to anthropology 🙂

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