Neptune in Pisces and the adult egotism of Indigo Children, Star Seeds and other labels   Leave a comment

Children are children, they are not old souls, new souls, star seeds, Indigo children or crystal bananas.  Children are being absorbed into the adult world of spiritual egotism which is unhealthy in so many ways.  Children need to be allowed to be just ordinary run of the mill children, there is nothing wrong in them just being children.  However there is something deeply wrong about the desire for them to have ‘super powers’ and such that is the worst of the new age nonsense parading as spirituality.

What is wrong is that children need to discover who they are and that is a process that will take them the rest of their lives but it is a process that is hindered by adults imposing a disturbing narcissism upon them that says they are special and not human like the rest of us this is little more than a dressed up Nazi master race ideology and it is a toxic one to give to our children.  They are not special and they are not superior – that way lies genocide, murder and arrogance.  They are ordinary like the millions of other ordinary people on the planet because being ordinary was always good enough, ordinary people do amazing things.

Neptune in Pisces forces us to look behind our fantasies and see what is really there, behind this is an adult egotism that sacrifices the potential of each child to the narcissism of the adult.  It is the adult need that is catered to by these beliefs and it is a toxic form of narcissism.


Posted May 4, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in musings

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