From the depths of Pluto – Pluto in aspect to the moon   Leave a comment

The Sun represent our ego the part of our conscious intelligence responsible for trying to rationally create the story of who we are.  However there is a story we inherit and this is symbolised by the moon, that story is our family, nationality and our sense of history.  These are emotional issues which is why the moon also symbolises our learnt emotional responses. Our learnt emotional responses are called classical conditioning, we learn fear of animals such as snakes, rats and spiders we also learn to be disgusted by faeces, flies in food and other such stuff.  We learn many other things, for example if Christmas was a time of arguments we learn to associate Christmas with fighting, emotional upsets and although as adults we can change this we may well automatically feel more stressed around the Christmas period. Pluto represents our unconscious and many of these unpleasant experiences and our reactions to them may well be lurking there without us knowing.

Incidents from early childhood may not be remembered but they may cause us to react to certain stimuli and may be the base of many of our phobias.  This is also true of positive experiences from early childhood they can make us attracted to other people and situations without understanding why, such as the perfume they are wearing, aftershave, the way they smile and many other things.  Thus we may have gut instincts about people and situations that are based on memories we do not recall.  Often these instincts can be accurate because we are picking up body language clues unconsciously, at other times they can be completely unfounded and just the random association of a certain smell or habit that reminds us unconsciously of another.

Our childhood colours our reactions to events in life and how we express our emotions, whether we repress them or express them a large part of this is down to the childhood we have had. Adults who tend to throw temper tantrums were usually given into as children thus the learnt that a temper tantrum was effective for getting their own way.  Children who were not permitted to express their emotions and opinions as children tend to repress them as adults.  Those who were allowed to express opinions and emotions are usually forthright and blunt as adults.  This is important in understanding how Pluto works in aspect to the moon, whenever intense drives rise from the unconscious they will be largely expressed through the learnt response.

The moon because it is representative of our country and our family is also a source of very intense drives, whenever our family and country is attacked there is a primitive response from the unconscious to defend them at all costs whether it is rational or not.  This is true of symbols as well from national flags to monuments their destruction can drive intense emotions to the surface.  Humans are social animals like wolves, one reason why a dog is man’s best friend, we are by our instincts tribal and symbols of our tribe are important to us any attack on those symbols is seen as an attack on our tribe.  When it comes to our tribe and our family we are capable of the darkest acts to protect and defend them.  This is where we are most vulnerable to manipulation, by giving the impression that our tribe and family are under attack it is possible to manipulate us into doing anything to protect them including actions we would consider totally immoral and would never consider doing in any other circumstance.

If feeling our tribe and family is under attack brings out our darkest nature then so does the values of our tribe and family, for we see ourselves as sharing these values and thus are hyper sensitive to criticism of others on the outside as well as being deeply affected by values we believe are unjust.  We care passionately about values because they reflect on us and because we care passionately about our family and our tribe.  Thus when it comes to what values our tribe adopts we are intensely driven to ensure that what we believe is just, fair and right is reflected within the tribe and family.

This intensity and passion can often blind us to other points of views that are equally valid and make us become extreme in our positions.  This can at times lead to a complete meltdown, in communities and families that may take us years to recover from.  As well as our family and tribe values being a passionate subject so is the perceived history of our family and tribe and it is here that vendettas take root at a family and national level, a sense of vengeance and the need for justice can follow down through the generations and promote an atmosphere of hatred as seen in Northern Ireland, Israel and other places.

This is the dark side of Pluto in aspect to the moon our inability to often let go of past events and to step back when it come to family and tribe, it leads to rash actions and decisions that can have widespread consequences for all involved.  A large part of WWII stems from the sense of injustice and anger left over from WWI, felt on all sides which allowed situations to escalate and fascism to develop in response to the anger.  It is hard for us to be rational at times when our family or our country is involved but often it is to our family or country’s detriment not to at least attempt to do so.  It is easy to act in the heat of passion and much more difficult for us to deal with the situation when it has escalated out of our control, this is probably a factor in everybody’s history and a lesson that is extremely difficult to learn.


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