From the depths of Pluto – Pluto in aspect to the Sun part 3   Leave a comment

Pluto in aspect to the Sun, brings our unconscious drives into the focus of the ego.  Some of these drives are from our animal instincts that must be controlled in order for society to function, some are from our impotency to fully control our environment and situation in life.  Often we have a mix of both affecting our behaviour.  We are completely impotent when it comes to making others like us, yet we have animal drives that can only be expressed socially if others like us. When we are attracted to others we want them to be attracted to us, because those animal drives lying in the unconscious want expression (Pluto), and our ego has to attempt to find a way of giving them expression in socially acceptable way.  Our ego is left guessing the qualities others may be attracted to, thus our behaviour changes.

The sun as the ego tries to accommodate the drives as much as possible but this relationship is always stressful, and it is a relationship in which Pluto often has the advantage.  Quite often it is the Sun that excuses those Pluto drives or is left to rationalise the irrational.  We often ask children why they have done certain things, quite often there is no rational explanation they have acted solely on a drive but the ego soon learns that it is expected to justify those drives without even understanding them and this is something we all become expert at doing. Which means we are often unaware of our irrational behaviour solely because we have learnt to rationalise it afterwards.  Pluto in aspect to the Sun often includes examining our own behaviour and looking to see if it is manipulative, driven by hidden motives and such that we have been justifying.

Pluto in aspect to the Sun often means examining our thoughts, are they racist, biased or unjustified. Often our motivations are hidden from us and when this happens they are easily manipulated by others.  This is important because we are all bullies and often the biggest bullies are those in the anti bullying movement.  Crusaders have a motivation to destroy those they think of as evil, and they are motivated by their own sense of self-righteousness, this is what Nietzsche meant about staring into the abyss.  As a thought experiment the next time you see a post about ‘Westburo Baptists’, just change it to Jew.  You will grasp how millions of people may have become anti-Semitic during the Nazi moral crusading.  That doesn’t mean you have to like what the ‘Westburo Baptists’ say, just question why people feel the need to join in their abuse by the millions.  Whilst there is nothing wrong in speaking out against issues moral crusading is the worst type of bullying, it tends to involve masses of people often against one person.

Often the masses do not know the facts nor do they often seek to find them out before joining a witch hunt against another.  In reality things are rarely black or white, nobody even Hitler was all evil and on the other hand nobody including Gandhi was all good.  What happens is that people have different perspectives but if our perspective comes from a place of self-righteousness we see it as a battle of good and evil in which we are the chosen one.  Without self-righteousness, we could never rationalise our behaviour or excuse it. Whether you are a vegan, feminist, environmentalist, left politically, right politically, Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or belong to any other group – question how your own self-righteousness clouds how you see and treat others.

From stating things like all men should be taught not to rape, we are ignoring that women can and do rape as well and quite often it is from female perspective of self-righteousness. That does not mean that rape is by any definition fine, it just means that life is not black and white we cannot say that women are good they do not rape but are solely the victims of rape any more than we can say men are bad and they are never the victims of rape but the perpetrators.  Self-righteousness is an affliction we all suffer from and it has been with humanity always but in an age of instant media, this time may very well be defined as the age of the self-righteous.  With the latest moral crusade merely a click away it has become all to easy to join the band wagon and to ruin the lives of others without having to pause for a moment’s thought.  Joining in moral crusades may just be the most immoral thing about modern society.

Moral crusading is often a way for us to impress others, but often we can be shown up for bullies when we indulge in it.  It is also irrational, if somebody objects to gay rights because it is against their moral code then they are trying to impose their moral values onto another, however finding moral objection to those that do this is also imposing moral values onto another.  People have a right to their own moral values and views, they do not have a right to enforce others to live by them or judge them. Thus quite often valid arguments are taken over by the self-righteous not to defend an ethical point but from a place of moral superiority which does not exist.  Quite simply if you believe homosexuals are morally inferior this is self-righteousness, if you believe those that (believe homosexuals are morally inferior) are themselves morally inferior this too is self-righteousness.

Only by accepting nobody has the right to be self-righteous can we challenge self-righteous biases within society and the law, the more we ourselves become self-righteous the less capable we are of seeing it within ourselves and the more our own biases will become ingrained in law.  Creating a fair society and moral crusading are two separate things, a fair society is one that is equal and moral judgements are personal values which are neither better or worse than another’s.



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