From the depths of Pluto – Pluto in aspect to the Sun part 2   Leave a comment

Pluto represents the unconscious and one emotion kept their is our sense of impotency, in order for the ego to exist it must have some potency, I must be capable of changing circumstance and making decisions. Yet this emotion is not buried deep within us all but surfaces regularly whenever we are challenged.  When rebellious teenagers challenge the rules it brings our impotency to the surface and the instinctual response is that of trying to force compliance, and the more non compliant they become the more impotent the parent feels and the more authoritarian they become.  This is also true with young children and in society at large. After the anarchist ‘the Badger’ allegedly burnt down police firearms building in Bristol, the sense of impotence led police to try and crack down on all activists, this heavy handed authoritarian approach led to activists becoming more non compliant and police feeling more impotent. Police  unsuccessfully offered £10,000 reward however because of their tactics there is widespread distrust and many different activists united together to complain.  This is the story of Pluto in aspect to the Sun the impotent desire to seize power often makes us only the more impotent.

This is true often of demonstrations as well, one trick of working with toddlers etc. is the countdown method. For example you tell the child they will have to put their toys away in 30 mins because they are going in the bath – they throw a tantrum and you walk away, you tell them they will have to put their toys away in 20 mins because they are going in the bath – they throw a tantrum and you walk away, you tell them they will have to put their toys away in 10 mins because they are going in the bath, they make a half-hearted attempt at a tantrum and by the time it is time for the toys to go away they comply.  Demonstrations often work this way as well – a group tantrum at current events and political decisions, which governments will ignore.

Pluto represents our impotence and it is in recognition of our impotence that we can become powerful, not force.  Britain is one of the few remaining European countries with a monarchy and this is due to the fact that the queen is impotent, she has no political power or ability to control.  This is important because she has no real authority but is merely a figurehead she is non-threatening and thus able to remain unlike the many politicians who have come and gone during her reign.  This is because politics holds the pretence of power where there is only impotence, it was not the power of the Labour government after WWII that allowed the creation of NHS, it was the political impotency to prevent the Soviet Bloc. The NHS was an acceptance of the power of communism and a peace treaty with the people in exchange for allowing democracy to continue.

On a personal level our own impotency frees us from futile gestures when we accept it as a road to freedom in this sense it is only those who are impotent and accept it that can ever become truly powerful.  This is what Gandhi did recognising his impotence to take on the British empire, he also recognised the British empire’s impotence in the face of non compliance.  Thus instead of getting into a power struggle he could not win instead he just refused to comply and it was this act that left Britain with two choices either to walk away and ignore the non compliance which they could not do or to try and force compliance which creates ever great feelings of impotence as stated at the start.  By refusing to enter into power struggles and arguments that would have shown his impotency he instead let the British empire revel its own impotency through force.

This is the positive side of Pluto in aspect to the Sun learning that impotency has much more potential to change the world than power which is automatically resisted. Rather than our impotency limiting us and needing to be hidden, it is only by understanding our impotency that we can see the impotency in all power structures.  With this comes the realisation that no impotent structure can have power over us but only the illusion of power.  In seeing what we cannot do clearly we also see what we can achieve. This brings us back to the police and their £10,000 reward for the ‘Badger’, it is the non-compliance of the public that has made the police impotent and the more they offer in return for compliance the more impotent they become.

This is important for us all because from office politics to family politics we need to be realise that our impotency does not weaken us but strengthen us and allows us the power of non-compliance. It was not demonstrations against the Poll Tax in 80’s Britain that brought down Margaret Thatcher is was the widespread non-compliance when it came to payment that fundamentally disrupted government at all levels and showed it was impotent.


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