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Pluto represents all that lies under the surface or the subconscious, in mythology it is Pluto who fertilises Demeter’s seed Peresphone. All seeds grow in the depths of the soil, hidden in the darkness until they start to sprout and grow at this point a tip reaches upwards in search of the light of the sun.  The is true about what lies in the subconscious there are many hidden seeds there which we cannot know or see until they start to sprout forth towards the sun or our conscious ego.  Most decisions we make in life are decided unconsciously first – that does not mean we do not choose our unconscious is part of us, what it means is that our unconscious part chooses first and then we rationalise that choice.

There is no way of knowing exactly what is in our unconscious until it decides to sprout and grow towards the sun but in our choices our unconscious is always reflected, the decisions we make are based on the dark rich seams of our unconscious cavern and we have no access to those seams we cannot tell if they are rich in gold, silver, diamonds or deadly lead ores.  Our unconscious is a vast cavern and within it there is a wealth of minerals but deadly toxins as well which can seep to the surface yet it is from the mix that everything we do in life takes seed and develops.  The only way to tell what the source may be is to see what is growing and whether it looks nutritious or stunted and diseased.

This is important because we need to weed what comes from our unconscious regularly, note that when we weed what springs from the unconscious it is not removed but returned to the unconscious. The unconscious contains animal instincts that we cannot act upon in civilised society, thus it contains much violence.  The sun is our ego, the sense of self whilst we can accept many of our animal instincts such as eating, sex and violence in some degree our ego will not allow these urges to dominate our responses because of societal norms, morals or ethics.

Thus with Pluto in aspect to the Sun we have issues around how much the Sun is repressing drives into the unconscious because these drives are unethical and how much is repressed through guilt and the societal norm.  When we repress instincts and drives for ethical reasons it is because we recognise it would be unfair to others to express the drives in the way we want to at that moment in time.  When they are repressed from guilt or the desire to fit societal norms there can often be many issues. We all have animal sex drives yet we do not have sex with strangers in public whenever the urge takes us to grab people and start having sex – this is an ethical decision that it would be unreasonable to others for us to do this.

However if we repress all sexual instincts due to guilt at having them, these instincts do not disappear but build within the subconscious over which we have no control and although they may be expressed in dreams and fantasy the subconscious impulse may well build up to an extreme that will be expressed without any control what so ever.  The same is true of repression of urges that may be deemed out with the societal norm.  First we need to exam why they are out with societal norm if they are unethical then we may need to find an ethical way of expressing this aspect of our urges, if they are merely taboo due to beliefs we may need to come to terms with going outside of societal norms and becoming more authentic as hard as this can be if these societal pressures come from within our family.

Our Sun can repress many different drives and it is important that we understand how pressure to fit into society and guilt can make us repress our natural instincts beyond what is reasonable, all of us have to repress drives to a certain extent to live within society however repressing our instincts in the desire to perfect ourselves or attempt to fulfil an unreasonable expectation of who we are may not be healthy long-term.  At some point we need to come to terms with our human nature and to accept it as part of who we are.  We have instinct to just empty our bladders and bowels when they are full, we don’t do so on public streets because of hygiene, smell and other issues but we do need to empty our bladder and bowels none the less because we are still living organisms.

As living organisms we have drives to compete for resources even by violent means, we have sexual instincts and biological drives to expel waste, yet living in society often means pretending these factors do not exist.  However they are part of the story of who we are for all of us and that story contained within the Sun hides many twists and plots in the depth of our unconscious minds, forever keep our whole story a mystery from us.  This is partly necessity but learning to accept that we cannot comprehend depth of our own hidden desires helps us understand the behaviours of others too.  For the darkness we see residing in others has always resided in us too, it is just a matter of how much expression it is given and when.


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