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The Myth of Neptune and Medusa is reflected in Neptune in Pisces various aspects of the myth are re-examined during this phase. On a simple level the rape of Medusa by Neptune and her punishment by being made monstrous can reflect society’s desire to blame the victim of rape when the perpetrator is powerful or a celebrity. It also represents our being blinded to the truth by their power and celebrity. This has come into focus with notorious cases of celebrity sexual abuse on a wide scale especially when involving children but this is also symbolic of sex abuse within the Catholic Church or other religions rape via God. This aspect has changed during this transit and it has been the head of the church and not Medusa that people have been shouting for most.  Another way this story is reflected is in the matter of date or acquaintance rape, 90% of rapes are date or acquaintance rapes where most commonly the perpetrator is the partner or x partner of the victim.  Within the myth Medusa is blamed for her own rape because she is attractive and sexually alluring, even after her transformation no man can look directly at her – it is the power of her sexuality that is blamed.  In the myth Perseus uses a mirror to slay Medusa but Medusa is merely the mirror image of what our own sexual desires look like when imposed upon others Medusa merely reflects the monstrous aspects of our sexual nature.

Neptune, Medusa and Athena all have symbolic meaning as well which are complex. Medusa has a connection to Humbaba guardian in Babylonian mythology of the Garden of Eden who is slain and beheaded by Gilgamesh. Like humbaba Medusa possesses the ability to regenerate life, her blood can kill or rejuvenate. Neptune is God of water but water is the doorway to the realms of death and dreams. At her decapitation Pegasus is released child of Neptune and Medusa he symbolises wisdom, fame, inspiration and intellectual creativity also his brother Chrysaor – the golden sword often used to describe blades of golden cereal in summer.  In this sense there are two additional meanings, one is farming which in one sense is the fertilisation of the land by man and not nature and includes raping the land for its resources – this also is a common theme during this time in many different ways from how we farm to how we share resources.  Pegasus symbolises intellectual creativity and this also can be raped in terms of plagiarism of others ideas and work. This will also be a major theme in Neptune in Pisces.

Medusa is most likely associated with the Minoan snake goddess, who was most likely a goddess of fertility and sexuality and her rape by Neptune may also be reference to the Minoan eruption of Thera which caused a tsunami which may have greatly affected Crete which was a sea power and dependent on ships for trading.  Thus we have the rape of the land in the form of a natural disaster and this will also be one of the themes of Neptune in Pisces. The Minoan snake goddess and Athena / Minerva may have derived from same source both are connected with snakes and owls etc. so one aspect of this mythology is the demonization of sister religions, such as Judaism, Islam, Christian and western atheism. But we can apply it loosely to demonizing differences of opinion from political to environmental, refusing to see the shared ground and the darkness within all but transferring all darkness to the other.  We can also see this as the demonizing of other cultures and foreigners. This too is one of Neptune in Pisces many themes.

The snake is also connected to the fertile period of a woman’s life and as such represents her awakening sexuality into adulthood, the rape by Neptune removes an innocence and leaves her overpowered by a sexuality she has not yet had time to come to terms with.  This would be similar to the sexualization of children in society where media has sexualized children as young as four years old by describing them cavorting provocatively in tiny pink swim suit, describing 6-year-old as stopping traffic and looking decidedly grown-up or describing an eight year old as a leggy beauty.  This is not physical rape but raping children of innocence and childhood, objectifying them sexually at an age when they cannot understand, this can leave children feeling vulnerable emotionally and sexualizing them may increase the likelihood of them having complex issues with their bodies due to the objectification. This issue will be a major theme of Neptune in Pisces also.

Another theme of the myth is that the rape occurs in the temple of Athena and Medusa is one of her priestesses, this is about display of power by Neptune over Athena in which Medusa is the victim, rape of men and women during wars and conflict as a way of exacting revenge or showing dominance.  This also will be a theme of Neptune in Pisces how we assert our power over others through rape and domination of people and the land. The Neptune myth is particularly relevant here for we often see women as not being capable of rape, Congo has massively high levels of rape and some of this is perpetrated on women by women (this is heterosexual women raping women), men are also raped in extremely high numbers. If the prison population is included USA has more male victims of rape than female, if we take rape more figuratively then Queen Victoria was among the most prolific of serial rapists, India, Tasmania, Australia, South Africa, China, Rhodesia and West Indies.  With this in mind women can be just as violent as men and part of the Neptune rape myth deals with our disbelief that certain people can be perpetrators.

Another part of rape myth particular to Neptune is the ideological rape, this is the slow drip of certain beliefs which permeate through the media, such as the vilification of immigrants, disabled etc. which seep into the public consciousness without them often noticing.  At its most extreme it dehumanises others and is a major factor in genocide and abusive treatment of others. How many memes are shared worldwide that are completely false yet taken on face value?  The truth is very few people check facts in any depth, are easily swayed by the 99% won’t line and other psychological manipulations that make us believe we are doing the right thing and biased by personal experience.  This means it is easy to get people to share memes that are targeting specific groups in society without realising the racist, fascist undertones involved.  This is the most important rape theme in connection to Neptune in Pisces, how our beliefs are formed by unconsciously absorbing the biases of our society and the dangers that brings to those who are excluded and demonized.

Another form of ideological rape is ideological historic one, a few wealthy and powerful people are responsible for slavery of both black and white, most poor white people were just as much slaves as black people were and treated just as horrifically and many stood shoulder to shoulder black and white to try and bring change for all.  yet there is a wholesale blame of white population for treatment of aboriginal people and slavery, this means that the corruption of a powerful few is excused and instead a divide is drawn along lines of race.  Most white people are not descended from slave owners not even in USA, they are descended like most black Americans from those who were the victims of those who abused power and wealth.  Yet they are made to feel guilt over something they did not commit but their ancestors did not commit either, this sense of guilt is something that contributes to the pathological narcissism of the times. People feel guilt over horrendous crimes they did not commit and are told by society it is part of their story and history, this negative story lays the foundation of rejection of the self and the attempts to redeem this dark self through consumerism etc. but this dark self is not a true reflection of who they are.

This is important because many of these divisions between black and white were non-existent when it came to those living in poverty, they were not divided but part of the exclusion this applies to feminist history as well the original suffragette movement in Britain campaigned for the vote to include middle and upper class women and not working class men or women who were excluded due to poverty. All over the globe the main problem has not be patriarchal society but a hierarchy within society that excluded the poor and the vulnerable and both men and women have both been victim to this, not only in the past but in the present day. The hierarchy evident within early feminism is still there, the prejudice on grounds of economic status and colour are still part of its mythology and this will come into focus during Neptune in Pisces. It is far harder to become a prime minister or president from a background of deprivation and poverty than it is to become a female or black president.



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