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Romeo and Juliet had a secret relationship, with good reason both families were vengeful and completely irrational when it came to each other. This is something that neither would be able to change and thus their relationship might have sparked more violence if it were known. From apartheid in South Africa, division in Northern Ireland and separation between Palestine and Israel couples often find themselves in the middle of a dividing line.  Unlike Romeo and Juliet these relationships are rarely tragic but often inspirational to those around them. It takes courage for people in these relationships to go against social pressures and it is a testament to love that so many do have such relationships openly and honestly.  But many people do just as many people are able to speak out against injustice perpetrated by their country, religion or political comrades and reach out a hand of friendship across national, religious and political divides and this is what makes humanity great.

Pluto in aspect to Neptune is also about how we deal with loss, loss of ideals, loved ones, trust their are many losses we may face in life and they can impact us greatly and it is at these moments we are most likely to experience the darker sides of our own nature as well as the most positive. Through out our lives our ideals take a beating, we all fail to live up to the ideal and often evil can be hiding behind ideals that shock us to our core and can make us lose complete faith. Loss of political and religious ideals are common after traumatic events just as it is common to develop such as ideals as well.  Thus there are periods in everybody’s life when we lose sense of who we are in regards to our own moral and ethical compass, it is at these times we must re-exam and question our ideals and sometimes we will lose what is unworkable and discover new ideals but quite often for a while we are lost in the cross fire and occasionally our ideals are lost to rage, anger and revenge what is worse is we then adopt the opposite of our ideals without understanding that this destroys our ideals far more than any traumatic event ever could.

When we lose a loved one it is usually either sudden or the result of terminal illness. Sudden loss can leave us in a state of shock and confusion in which we question life and its purpose as well as our ideals and beliefs. Losing a loved one due to terminal illness is quite similar but we often have to do the hardest thing and that is to let the loved one go, out of love and compassion for their pain and suffering – this is a hard process to go through and is another representation of Neptune in aspect to Pluto letting a loved one go is perhaps the most altruist act we ever achieve and it is intensely painful. However there is a side of our nature that can love enough to let go despite the pain involved and the desire to cling on and this is our potential as humans to do the unbearable through love.

The story of our darkest desires is also the story of our greatest sacrifices, for great sacrifice means the destruction of great desires.  There may be a monster lurking inside the abyss that resides in us all but we are capable of destroying it and in the process giving up what we value most for its destruction.  It is in groups that our desires grow and become bigger than ourselves and thus we must always question our desires when we see ourselves belonging to any group or faction.  For the ideals of groups and factions are easily tainted by vengeance, distrust and bitterness and sometimes we must destroy the monster we created from hope and belief to remain true to the ideal that gave it birth but it is hard for any parent to kill their child even their ideological children.  yet we are often forced into such situations to remain true to our values, for sacrificing what we love most has always been part of the human experience.

We often here statements about how precious life is and we should live each moment as our last but life is too precious to do this we should live each moment for what it is part of a long walk that cannot be summed or experienced in a second but a lifetime, and no matter what sacrifices we make or mistakes it is what happens over that long walk that matters most.  Our long walk will see us face our demons over and over again in many various forms and disguises and some battles we may lose and some we will win but it is the war that matters and winning a battle does not guarantee winning a war just as losing a battle will not mean losing the war.  It is important that we always keep this in mind for the war is never won until the last breath and complacency generates Victory disease where we fail to even take elementary precautions.  The same is true of those who have lost many battles with their inner demons, many have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. John Newton is prime example of this, the slave trader who became an abolitionist and wrote ‘Amazing Grace’, had partaken in the most vile of trades for profit took many years to see this darkness for what it was and to set about righting his wrongs by becoming an active voice in the abolition of slavery.



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