Last Kiss from Neptune – Neptune in aspect to Chiron and Galactic Centre   Leave a comment

Chiron represents our wounding from psychological guilt processes, it also represents our ability to understand the effects of guilt and to show understanding to others in this area. Galactic Centre which is just a fancy name for the black hole at the centre of the milky way (our galaxy) represents the superego – the part of our psyche that tells us we are not good enough and it lies at 26 degrees Sagittarius. Both are linked in that they represent the negative voice in our head that damages us.

Black holes grow the more they are fed and the superego is no different the more we listen to this voice the bigger it grows and the less realistic we become about who we are and our positive qualities. Neptune in aspect to galactic centre is all about understanding this voice, learning not to listen to it and finding ways to shrink its power.  This is the voice advertisers love to engage telling you that their products will satisfy it. Whether it is our attractiveness, intelligence, charisma or financial status it is never good enough but we try to satisfy it anyway with products, life style changes and whatever else it demands while telling us we are unworthy. The super ego contains an ideal image of who and what we should be and we can never live up to this image.

The important thing to understand is that being imperfect is not a flaw, it is a gift our imperfections make us empathic, sensitive, less judgemental and helps us develop a sense of humour. We are all ridiculous at times and we need to take ourselves less seriously at times. One aspect of this is the modern addiction to ‘moral’ crusades we tend to use them to feed our superegos. If my mum dies and the Westburo Baptists picket her grave, your interference is not required, I am an adult and capable of ignoring people on my own without anybody assuming they need to defend me without being asked. Whatever placard they hold up or whatever they say as an adult and even as a child I am quite capable of dealing with it.  This is one of the subtle lessons of Neptune in aspect to Galactic Centre and that is jumping on the band wagon and taking the moral high ground smacks of group bullying. I may not like somebody’s behaviour but if it is lawful it is none of my business, if its not I can contact the relevant authorities but I don’t need to join the masses in condemnation and moral outrage to satisfy a superego need to be superior.

Moral crusading is merely the justification of one’s supposed moral superiority and this is the superego, those confident enough in their ethical standards rarely feel the need to broadcast them or to join a moral lynch mob.  This does not mean we should never speak out when appropriate it just means it is required less often than we may believe. when we join a mob we are displaying sadistic behaviour in the same sense as witch hunts have always been sadistic. witch hunts require us to find a victim who is different and not complying to our moral beliefs is no different than not complying to beliefs about appearance or sexuality. Bullying cannot be defended by bullying and moral outrage is the internet bully’s best friend.

Moral outrage is slowly replacing News on some ‘News’ channels, the facts are ignored and whether it is left or right wing moral outrage by guest speakers replaces any rational discussion.  This is not only true of cable channels but is becoming a constant feature in more ‘respectable’ news broadcasters. Neptune in aspect to Galactic centre is about questioning the media induced superego criticism and moral outrage, as an aspect of societal superego which is negative and destructive as much as the personal superego that tells us we are stupid, ugly or lacking.

this societal superego is splintering the world as never before we are increasingly separated into groups claiming the moral high ground; vegans, religious groups, atheists, political divides, environment or anti-vaccine. With all of these there is little reason or facts but a lot of moral outrage and superiority of being the chosen group.

This is one side of Neptune in aspect to Galactic centre like all aspects at its core is the need to accept ourselves as imperfect beings and this is important when it comes to Neptune in aspect to Chiron.

Chiron is all about our psychological wounds we receive from being imperfect, everybody has had an experience or experiences in which we felt belittled, ridiculed or made to feel inferior emotionally these live with us and work with the superego – galactic centre to tell us just how unworthy we are. By facing these events and rationally addressing the issues we can get these wounds into proportion and limit the effect they have on our lives.  We will never fully get rid of the effect but we can limit it and see it for what it is our insecurity given voice by others.





Posted April 10, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Last Kiss from Neptune

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