Last Kiss From Neptune Neptune in aspect to Pluto   Leave a comment

Neptune in aspect to Pluto, symbolises something every Christian will probably have experienced and that is sitting in church with another Christian who is saying things which  are by no definition Christian.  Often if it is somebody we respect and admire we may not only feel angry but let down and betrayed, but at the same times as a Christian we would be angry if others held us to be perfect and judged us when we inevitably fail. This is Neptune in aspect to Pluto to be shocked when we see the darkness within others yet to be angry when we are judged by those who see it in us.

We all have our own dark side, our own biases and prejudices and when we see these in others it is right to speak out, but we should never forget we have these aspects as well.  For Neptune in aspect to Pluto is also about being blinded to our own darkness.  We all hold views that are horrific and irrational, if we acted on them the world would indeed be an evil place to live but even at an unconscious level we recognise the horrors of our beliefs and suppress them. Occasionally they come to light in our actions or words when we are angry or just not thinking.  But they are always with us no matter how much we suppress them, thus the only thing we can do is recognise and question our own behaviour.

A common one is religious bias, unfortunately the most offensive of people get the most media attention with the reasonable and rational often excluded.  Thus Christianity, Islam, atheism is often represented by the most extremist of opinion and this leads many to equate the extreme views of a few with an entire religion which has many factions, this is true of atheisms as well for those who will seek offence at its inclusion with religion. Humanists tend to have a more realistic and rational approach than the ‘New’ humanist atheism of Dawkin and Harris.  This may shock some but scientists are human and as such they have biases, prejudices and the same darkness lurking within as the rest of humanity, the same is true for religious leaders. Science by peer review tries to remove the bias and prejudice of individual scientists, this standard is the only scientific principle that needs to be applied to beliefs and only when they are about groups, could this be biased by personal views, what is the evidence to support what is being said and how do others interpret it.

This should not only be applied to our religious views but to all assumptions made about other people for we tend to ignore our own darkness and look for it within others especially when we are blinded by minor differences.  As humans we are all quite similar, we have ideals but we also experience greed and lust, we also like power and control and we hate to give up what we like.  This means that we can at times be blind to our own motivation, and the reasons behind certain beliefs.

This is also true when it comes to others we admire, we can be blinded to their faults and flaws.  There are none of us without flaws and darkness and to be blind of this in others is to give them free range to exercise their own dark nature without accountability.  Not only that but it is to open ourselves up to that darkness in complete blindness to it.  To be open to the darkness which resides within others without even recognising it is perhaps the most common fault of humanity.  It is through our ideals we may be blinded to the darkness, until we set down a road from which it is hard to return.

This is easy to do we all have a history of our nation and our ancestors and as such everybody’s history contains violence and abuse from others, and everybody has a vengeful side of their nature that can be stirred up under the guise of justice.  It is easy to use our sense of justice and turn it into vengeance often on the innocent. This is the darkest aspect of humanity and usually the victims of vengeance are women and children. The last century saw the widespread massacre of both in the name of justice and the good of humanity, from the holocaust to the blitz and the carpet bombing of Dresden. History has been one of exacting revenge by killing the innocent in the name of justice, it has been bloody and violent and revenge has come at a high price with more powerful weapons that can annihilate us all in the search for ‘justice’.

Neptune in aspect to Pluto is about coming to terms with the effects this darkness has the potential to cause in our lives, it is not something we can say is in others but not ourselves, when we all hold vengeance as equal to justice at times, however irrational it may be.  This is especially true when something of an extreme nature happens and the quest for justice can soon turn into a quest for vengeance.  Anger and outrage are dangerous emotions and we all experience them, these emotions are easily turned against people who belong to religious groups because of the actions of one or a few individuals.  Yet this turning against each other is what spirals violent acts of retribution into a self fulfilling prophesy of doom if we attack the other it will become violent whether that other is atheist, Christian, Hindu or Muslim out attack which we self justify allows them to self justify their attack and it becomes a never ending circle of violence that cannot be broken.



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