Last Kiss from Neptune Neptune in aspect to Pluto part 2   Leave a comment

Pluto holds the darkest aspects of our nature our violence, lust, greed and envy – these are natural aspects of any living organism. Out of the violence of two world wars and genocide came human rights this is Neptune in aspect to Pluto how we deal with our own and others darkest natures.  Pluto also holds our darkest sexual desires from us things we would be horrified to discover about our sexual drives and animal instincts. Our of our primitive sexual desires, we have pleasure, love and intimacy.

It is often confusing the line between love and lust, sexual desire and attraction are natural and important but sometimes we justify these by calling them love, they don’t need justification. In accepting these aspects of who we are, we take away the need for relationships based on them, it is fine to feel a strong attraction and to act upon it id both are consenting without entering a relationship based on physical attraction without emotional and intellectual compatibility. This does not mean difference in intellect in the sense of one being more intelligent for intelligence cannot be compared nor measured, but in having inability to communicate on an emotional and rational level with another. In accepting our sexual urges as something that can be fulfilled without harm or relationship we free ourselves from expecting the impossible of another, change to suit our needs.

There are dark sides to our nature but in accepting this aspect we open ourselves up to preventing these aspects from determining our lives and controlling our choices this too is Neptune in aspect to Pluto recognising our desires and ascertaining which are harmless and can be acted upon and which are dangerous to ourselves and others. Revenge is dangerous to ourselves because it perpetuates a cycle of violence, but we can break that cycle at any point by realising this.  Many courageous people do and have done this from Palestinian and Israel parents of children killed in violence, to victims of apartheid in South Africa and genocide in Rwanda.  This is the positive side of Neptune in aspect to Pluto those who refuse to take the dark path of their instincts for vengeance and instead choose to promote an end to the cycle of violence, death and destruction.  This is also true of our sexual desires they can be destructive and this act of self destruction can impact on family and others, but we need not choose the destructive path.

In seeing our desires exactly for what they are we can see the dangers to ourselves and others sexual desire is not negative but when it attracts us to those who are violent and abusive, then it must be questioned.  However if we are merely attracted to somebody who has different opinions then no matter how vast the differences in opinion it is hardly the end of the world.  Being able to have relationships in which vast differences in opinion occur is one of the great aspects of humanity, this too is also Neptune in aspect to Pluto.  From extreme differences in political views to different cultures and religious views our ability to be attracted to those that are different is completely natural and we can admire and respect those with whom we disagree.  This is important because morals, ethics and values do not belong to one political view or religious outlook. There may be people who share our religious views or political views but with whom we have little respect for their moral and ethical values yet there are others who have opposing views that have an integrity of moral and ethical values that we can respect.

Rather than seeing darkness in others that have different views it is possible to see shared values, this does not mean ignoring darkness in others but it does mean acknowledging that we all contain both irrespective of our different views on life.  Seeing others as complete individuals neither all good or all evil is an important aspect of creating an atmosphere in which differences can be discussed rationally and solutions can be found to common problems.  The problem is that we are used to black and white thinking, this helps us make decisions quickly.  But things in life are rarely black and white especially groups of people, we may say Hitler was evil but we cannot say that the entire population of Germany was, we can say certain British imperialists were cruel and genocidal but we cannot say the entire population of Britain was, we can say that some white people were cruel and kept slaves but we cannot say all white people did this, in fact most atrocities in life are committed by the few yet it is the majority who are blamed.

All of us has a history in which wrongs have been committed both by and to our ancestors, but it is important to note that those wrongs have not happened to ourselves and the people who committed such wrongs are themselves dead.  We cannot avenge the dead with innocent blood we have no matter how unjust, cruel or immoral the act or acts got to let the past go, we cannot justify present actions because of the past in this way.  Nobody alive is responsible for the actions of their ancestors, nobody alive is responsible for everybody that shares their religious or political views, they can speak out against those that do wrong but they cannot be held accountable for the actions of others. This is what is most positive about Neptune in aspect to Pluto the ability to let go of the past and the desire for vengeance, to see the innocent as innocent and to stop the shedding of this innocent blood.




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