Last Kiss from Neptune – Neptune in aspect to Neptune part 3   Leave a comment

From midlife crisis to reassessing the wealth of our lifestyle, Neptune in aspect to Neptune is about measuring and taking account of the importance of aspects of our lives which cannot be measured materially. Family, friends, experiences make our life extraordinary rich yet there is no way to measure these things.  However it is these things that give our lives meaning and purpose.  From the many family and friends memories of special events to shared stories of childhood and teenage adventure our lives are enriched by the people and paces in them. Most people are happy with enough to get by on when it comes to material things but you will seldom hear somebody say you just need enough family to get by on or enough friends.

This is true of our intimate relationships as well, there value cannot be measured in how often we have sex or orgasms nor in what we materialistically accrue together. The value of our close relationships is not the quantity of sexual encounters nor the quality of sexual acts as there is no way to be the ideal lover or perform any perfect sexual act.  These ideas are myths of our time there is no way to change an apple into a pear, sexually we are all different we are all apple, pears, bananas and broccoli, we just need to appreciate our flavours and understand that it is how we combine flavours to suit our taste, as a couple that is what makes sex special it is the combination of two unique flavours and the experimentation to find what suits our taste buds that matter. Nobody else can know what our taste buds like and often we cannot tell until we have experimented.

The best cooks argue, discuss and experiment together until they find what stimulates their taste buds and they know enough by that time to have a good idea of the other’s tastes and preferences but it is in the arguments, discussions and experimentation that they are enriched. The culinary disasters are part of what enriches the relationship as well as the attempts to rescue the dish, especially when these are handled with a sense of humour.  These things cannot be measured but those culinary disasters are part of what it takes to make great food together and they are memorable in there own right as well as being a shared experience that bonds us with humour.

Great cooks also understand that they can share fun things in common with each other but they also accept that not everything in their lives needs to be done together or shared, there are some things in which each cook will always be the one who’s expertise is needed to set off the dish.  Both cooks tend to have different areas of expertise and it is in using these different talents to make a perfect dish that we learn to appreciate and depend on each other.  The wealth of creating the ideal meal together cannot be measured, nor can others no what our ideal meal is but we need to trust our taste buds and trust that however exotic or traditional our blend of food is if we like it and it fulfils us then we are wealthy in experience of life.

It is highly unlikely that on our death bed we are going to wish we had more money, we may wish we had spent more time on various things in our life.  Neptune in aspect to Neptune is all about this aspect of life the things that cannot be measured materially but which in the end are the most important aspect of living.  Neptune brings into focus what of these things are really important and what may just be distractions, experiences cannot be measured but it is unlikely that most people will compare bungee jumping in the same category as raising a family, by necessity some experiences are more important than others and if we feel we are lacking in life experiences it is important to recognise that bungee jumping may be a thrill but it does not have the same content of experience that loving and caring for another has.

Neptune in aspect to Neptune reminds us that all that glitters experience wise is not gold, and that the golden moments may not necessarily be the ones that stand out, that are paid for and planned but the ones that are everyday, free and just happen – like life itself.  Neptune challenges whether the fantasy of sport car equals the reality of family, love and commitment and unfortunately for some this means they may lose their family before they learn that the shiny sports car is just a car.  However if life seems short of enriching experiences we do not have to abandon the familiar we can experience the familiar in new ways with friends, family and with a partner.  We can be unpredictable and have excitement in our families and relationships no matter how long term they are.


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