Last Kiss from Neptune – Neptune in aspect to Neptune part 2   Leave a comment

The deficit model is one in which the public (great unwashed) suffer from social ills of the time because of their deficit in knowledge available to philosophers, scientists and other academics / intellectuals. Whilst we have problems that do need solutions and both science and philosophy may be helpful in doing this there lies at the heart of this belief a serious problem. Academics and intellectuals are biased because they are human, they are a product of their time and upbringing just as much as the great unwashed are, however there is a mythology within academia that they are more intelligent and more rational than the pubic in general.  Academics are neither more intelligent or more rational than the general public nor do they see their own bias better than the public. This is part of Neptune in aspect to Neptune.

Academics have studied a field of learning, they may have a greater understanding of their field but this does not imply greater intelligence for each of us has a greater knowledge of our own field. Intelligence cannot be measured, IQ tests can measure skills and abilities, such as memory which is important for spelling etc., maths & physics skills which is good for calculating figures and understanding connections however these are skills and not intelligence. This is important for understanding part of Neptune in aspect to Neptune as being part of humanity intellectuals and academics cannot hold all the answers because often they don’t know the problems. But we as a community often do which means we have the questions in which they might help us find possible answers.

Economists measure wealth in GDP and the value of stock etc. but that is a false wealth it measures money made by the few. Economists rarely look at what living standards mean, it is not just having enough money to live on which is vital but where and how we live. It includes the communities we live in and the richness of our communities is of equal importance. An economist might measure the wealth created by the Edinburgh Festival in money but there is another wealth, that of having a wide and varied display of music, theatre and performance in the street over July and August.  The festival enriches Edinburgh not only in monetary terms but culturally as well.

Living standard include the things that enrich us such as museums, libraries, wild spaces, parks, beaches and each community has different types of enrichment from the festival of the Capital and its historic monuments to the lochs and mountains of the highlands – peoples lives are enriched in many ways and all of these ways are important. Standard of living also includes the time we have available to spend with family and friends.  It includes having a rich heritage and history from castles, cave paintings to fossils we are connected through time from past to present. Standard of living includes our cultural heritage from poetry to folk music and the heroic myths of the Celts and the Picts.

Wherever you are only you will have the capacity to understand your standard of living what makes your community rich, and it will be a mixture of many things.  What is important is protecting what makes us wealthy and prosperous, whether that is the natural scenery or the abundance of museums and art galleries.  What makes us wealthy can be specific to our community the Biggar bonfire is held at the exact spot every New Year and lit at the exact same time, even during WWII a covered candle was placed where the centre of the bonfire would have been, Burghead burns the clavie on 11th Jan (Old New Year) – this is wealth of traditions that are ancient.

Our standard of living is not just having enough to eat, it includes what we eat and why from Haggis to Hummus food enriches our lives not just in its nutrients but in a cultural and social way. Having steak pie for New Year’s dinner with all your family, going first footing (visiting friends after Midnight [bells] start of the new year) – these are al part of our standard of living and we all have different standards but they all should be rich and valued.

Standard of living is something that cannot be measured by money made by global corporations, but it is the most important aspect of our lives and if our standard of living needs to be improved the answers cannot come solely from academia or science but from us all we have the answers to what we want and need we just need to understand we know far more than we realise at times.  We know the problems with our standard of living and we know what is rich within it and what needs to change we just need expertise to implement changes and both science and academia can help us but we must realise that we are the ones who know the problems and the solutions in most cases.

Neptune in aspect to Neptune brings our standard of living into focus not in the sense of financial imperatives but in the sense of what it is that really does enrich our lives and make them valuable.  This is sometimes taken for granted until it is lost but understanding the riches we have in our communities helps us to made those communities even richer and to solve the problems that all communities face.


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