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We are a bound by limitations as humans we need to eat, breath, drink and keep warm to survive, in astrology this was represented by the ‘elements’ of earth (food), air (breath), water (drink) and fire (warmth).  Why everybody’s natal chart contains these elements.

Earth cardinal sign is Capricorn and this sign represents the duties and responsibilities of parenthood to provide nourishment and sustenance.  This we cannot be free of, for as parents we need to feed our children but we can adapt how we do this so that we may obtain more freedom in our lives. Air cardinal sign is Libra and this sign is a about recognising that we cannot acquire or buy fresh air, it is something we share with everybody on the planet and its quality depends on the relationship between all organisms sharing the planet. Air by necessity is free and vital to all, but we are not free to destroy air quality for it impacts on us all.

Water cardinal sign is Cancer and this represents the waters of birth, amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid keeps the foetus warm, helps the foetus to develop limbs separate from the main body by providing space and lubrication between the body and limbs it also helps the lungs to develop. The baby also drinks the fluid and urinates it in order to start the functioning of his kidneys. The amniotic fluid too is free to the foetus.  But it must drink the fluid it urinates in of this there is no choice.  This is symbolically true of a of humanity if we urinate in our water we must drink it for we have no choice. Fire cardinal sign is Aries and this represents the need of a newborn to be kept warm for it cannot maintain its body heat as an adult would. It wants the warmth of skin on skin contact, the warmth of the breast to its mouth and the warmth of milk entering its body. This is also something that we can never be free of as adults the need of warmth through contact, food and environment. Thus we can never be free of the drive for these things we can only use our imagination to satisfy these drives in less urgent ways.

This is the lesson of astrology, wherever Uranus is it cannot be compete free of those needs but it can use imagination and invention to meet those needs better and to free itself from the urgency of them but they cannot be overcome.  Thus we have always been caught in a struggle to be free of the limitations of humanity. This we cannot do and should not attempt to do at the expense of others but we can accept these limitations and act together with imagination to meet them for all we share this planet with.

Our freedom is always bound by the limits of our humanity, thus our freedom does not exempt us from our humanity it can only be achieved in recognition to our humanity and shared needs.  Thus freedom is not about doing whatever we desire, this is a myth.  Freedom is about our ability to overcome the limitations of humanity through imagination, knowledge and science.  Freedom is about how we achieve our needs in ways that respect everybody’s shared need, this is not something that can be done by being free to do whatever you like. Athough we a have choices when you symbolically urinate in the water I am forced to consume it whether I want to or not, freedom is linked to all of humanity and beyond and is not something we can achieve as individuals but something which we must give to each other.

We must give everybody the freedom of deciding what they want in the air they breath and the water they drink. This means we have no alternative but to meet each other globally as equal participants in humanity and to respect the freedom of others who do not to consume our urine.  Freedom is not something we obtain but give to others by respecting their need to choose.  Freedom requires the imagination to see how we can make these choices available to all that share this planet and need to eat, breath, drink and keep warm as we do.  Freedom require us to respect the necessity of life.

Freedom is always something in which we are limited by choice and it is the choices available not their number that limit us we can have an infinite number of choices but if none of those take into consideration the rest of humanity then we are never free to fully choose. If none take into consideration that we all equally need these resources then we are never free to fully choose. If none of these choices respect the equality of all in the decision then we are never free to fully choose.

In the end the choices on the table may not be the only choices available to us and until we have all the choices available and can choose options that respect everybody’s freedom our own freedom’s will always be false as they have come at the expense of others.  Our own freedom cannot deny the freedom of anybody else.

Neptune in aspect to Uranus is to use our imagination and skills in new and revolutionary ways that can change humanity and provide us a with the options necessary to move forward as one humanity equal in freedom and choice.



Posted March 30, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Last Kiss from Neptune

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