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Neptune square natal Neptune happens when we are about 40 and marks the beginning of midlife. Much is written about midlife crisis: at midlife we have to deal with the fact that we are aging, that we have made some good and some bad choices which have determined our lives, that as mature adults everything is not new, bright and stimulating.  A crisis is what happens when we reach a point where we must make important decisions.

First thing we have to deal with and adjust to is the fact our bodies are aging we may begin to experience chronic pain at this age. Or we may have to make changes in lifestyle due to health conditions, for women we are reaching the end of our fertile period.  All these changes within our body are felt by both sexes, we can no longer do the things we did when younger without the odd twinge of pain and we may be less supple as well as slower.  Not only are our bodies changing but there is enough distance between our age now and our teenage years for us to gloss over the unpleasant and frustrating aspects of that time and see only our glorious youth.

We miss the fantasy of who we once were more than the reality. Thus we may feel tempted to invest in our fantasy teenager, just as it is unhealthy to follow the narcissistic beliefs of our inner child especially when it comes to our unworthiness our inner teenager is not much better.  Our inner teenager is forever trying to find itself and has no idea of who it is but is dependent on peers opinions and values for it has not learnt to fully formulate its own.  Just as our inner child can cause havoc in our lives by telling us we are unloved or unlovable, our inner teenager creates havoc by being unable to be satisfied, whatever we have or have achieved it will not satisfy our inner teenager, for our inner teenager rebels against the responsibility of work and family as all teenagers should.

Our inner teenager does not have the necessary skills to cope with the responsibilities we have as mature adults, or the disappointments that all adults face. It does not understand that no matter what choices we make in life they come with both negative and positive consequences.  Thus our teenage selves are not best placed to make an honest assessment of our lives so far.  That job that we might have got, we might also have hated or we might have missed other opportunities in life because of it. Our teenage self has unrealistic expectations don’t trust its judgements on what could have been they are grossly exaggerated.

Our teenage self is not ready for commitment in work or relationships, its expectations do not meet reality but are fantasies of what it has never experienced.  This is important to remember because the quicker we apply some rational questioning of the validity of what our teenage selves are telling us the less havoc and mayhem this teenager will create in our lives.  The teenage self is just as mixed up and confused as our inner chid just in different ways but we need to be ready to question both when their stories begin to affect our lives.

As well as dealing with aging we also have to deal with the loss of parents and children leaving the nest around this age.  This can be difficult as we may have to come to terms with our own mortality, if we have not already done so.  Dying brings the purpose of life into focus which is what the teenage self is trying to do but struggles as it is not equipped with the maturity to find the answers to some very profound questions. Irrespective of belief dying is something we all have in common and at some point we must be prepared to let go of life. Part of midlife crisis is the awareness that we might not accomplish everything on that bucket list before we have to let go.

Thing to remember about bucket lists is that they rarely contain the important things in life such as holding a new born baby in your arms or spending a life time raising a child into a decent caring adult. They do not contain that smile that brightened somebody’s darkest hour or the little acts of kindness that made life bearable in the midst of misfortune.  If your bucket list is unfulfilled perhaps you should check your human list: spending time with a grieving friend, holding a baby whether animal or human, laughing with friends, visiting in hospital, smell of seaweed on a hot summer’s day, the taste of strawberries shared with a lover, coming home, sharing jokes, family weddings and having fun with friends.  These are important they may not be as exotic as jumping out of an aeroplane but they are the really important stuff that we do without thinking.

So before that teenage self has you off fulfilling items on its bucket list you might like to question just what value that bucket list really has compared to what you have already achieved in life.  By all means add a few things from the list if it makes you happy but take the time to see the greatness in your life, because we forget the greatness in the ordinary such as relationships, friends and family but these things are much greater than visiting the Pope or diving for pearls.


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