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Neptune in aspect to Uranus is also about understanding our ability to be free in new creative and imaginative ways. Freedom has many different meanings, for some it may be choosing what they can wear or eat, this is freedom that we often take for granted but that was often denied those with complex learning difficulties in the past.  In the past children with complex learning difficulties were forcibly removed from their families and put into prison like institutions. They often did not have their own clothes, and they did not have the opportunity to go shopping to choose their clothes or what food they wanted to eat.  They were behind bars separated even as adults from the opposite sex and put to work.  By any definition this was a complete removal of their freedom for the crime of having learning difficulties.

Even those with the most complex learning difficulties are now encouraged to express the freedom of choosing. Whether that is pointing or smiling for those with limited communication, there is the understanding of the importance of freedom choosing gives us.  We all eat and most of us wear clothes and it is important that we are able to choose what we eat and what we wear but in reality this is limited by what is produced.  This is the reality of freedom of choice it is always limited.  Thus we should look at how our choices are limited and how with imagination and creativity we can expand those choices.

Our freedom is always limited, clothing and food is just one example, but we are limited by circumstance, ability, finances and personal responsibilities as well as by being a living organism which like all other living organisms on the planet must eat breath and sleep.  We cannot break free completely of all limitations to become completely free but we can look at what is limiting us and how we can address those limitations practically so we open ourselves up to more choices in life.

We can also use that imagination to solve situations instead of using violence to worsen them. A great example of this is the displaced Africans who were moved to create the Kruger National Park. These people had their villages moved to create the park, but in doing so they were moved to and that was not arable and without access to water sometimes. This meant that these populations were unable to provide even the basics of food and water to their families.  This left them with no choice but to take the money offered by middle men in the Rhino poaching trade for killing and removing rhino horns.  The solution so far has been to arrest or shoot the desperate, this cannot prevent poaching as there are more desperate people to fill their shoes nor does it solve their desperation.

In recognising the injustice done to them, reparations could be made and conservationists could be brought in to work with locals on how they can use the land to sustain their families.  The land cannot be used in the same way the arable and they had before was used but it does not mean with aid and thought that the land cannot sustain them in a different way.  Freeing the population from a forced choice, and helping them to create more opportunities.

This is true for all of us, in smaller scale whatever our situation in life we can make changes that can offer us the opportunity to use our limited resources in new and imaginative ways that give us more potential freedom in the choices we have to make.  it also opens us up to looking beyond black and white thinking on issues. Such as the above which stops at poaching is bad kill the poachers.  Or terrorism is bad kill the terrorists. This type of thinking never resolves any of the issues that cause people to become terrorists, in some cases it actually fans the process and turns those involved into martyrs.

This Black and white thinking is also what has destroyed the ‘cowboy’ mythology outside of the USA, originally the symbol of the free explorer, ‘cowboy’ came to symbolise USA gung ho attitude to international diplomacy in which the USA seemed to imagine they were playing John Wayne in some outdated western. In the UK ‘cowboy’ refers now to con artists and incompetent work such as cowboy builders. Those who have plenty of gung ho but no skills or knowledge.  Yet this is not unique to USA but to a empires.

However it is only in using our imagination to go beyond this type of thinking, that is common to all empires, that we can create real change and emancipation.  Romans spread ‘civilisation’ in the form of the sword, the British ‘Christian’ values in the form of the gun and the USA spread ‘democracy’ with the bomb.  Yet if we move beyond black and white thinking, of empires and the left and right imperialistic view, we see the problems of ‘freedom’ at the expense of others, and we see ways in which we may a have the same freedoms not in a false bringing of ‘democracy’ but in a bringing of opportunity, not commercialism but opportunity, not exploitation of resources but creative use of resources.  The earth has enough resources for all and freedom comes when we learn to use them creatively for all not some.

This freedom comes by sharing knowledge, expertise and potential with each other not as a commodity but as a right of humanity.  By using our knowledge creatively we can al benefit without the need for super powers, poverty or abuse.




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