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Love is an emotion that is raw and without reason yet the most important aspect of our lives. Children need love this means that even when they are abused and neglected by their parents they will still love them.  For children this is very confusing because they will hold two opposing emotions all children do to a certain extent but for them these opposing emotions will be stronger.  It is important for them to learn to accept both emotions, they love their parents and that is fine because even the most abusive of parents will have had good points too. It is also fine that they are angry about what happened, what happened in terms of neglect or abuse should not have happened and is inexcusable, but it does not mean they were not loved as well – because humans are complex.

This is difficult for children and thus at times they may be in denial of abuse and neglect, this is also true of adults.  Both male and female adults who have been the victim of sexual abuse, date rape or domestic abuse can also be in denial or very confused.  This is natural too, when we love somebody it is hard for us to accept that they are capable of this behaviour, that they can or would deliberately treat us in this way.  Which means like children often do we will often seek a reason or explanation for their behaviour, quite often like children do we can blame ourselves.  We can assume that we have done something which caused this behaviour, this is not true but is just our brains trying to come to terms with what has happened to us.

It can take people many years to come to terms with the fact the have been raped by a previous partner, they may deny that rape happened for many years because the person they loved was not that type of person, and because if it was rape they would automatically have stopped loving them afterwards.  This is why date rape is the most violent of acts, because not only is the person raped they are often still in love with their rapist. Thus we have two very strong emotions, at a psychological level we may suppress the horror of the reality because we cannot deal with loving somebody that has done this to us or we may be filled with rage and anger that somebody we love has done this to us and we may swing between both behaviours.

This means that people may continue a relationship with their rapist, because they are trying to understand and resolve all the complex emotions involved. This is also true of domestic abuse, it may take the person years to resolve the complex emotions involved and come to terms with what has happened to them.  Not only is this true of people we love but it is also true of those we idolise as well.  With Jimmy Saville and other celebrity sexual abuse, rape scandals we have children who have been violated by their idols and this too is the most violent of acts because the child believes the perpetrator to be great and above reproach.  Even afterwards the child may struggle with two opposing images of their perpetrator that contradict each other.  This is also true of adults, adults also have idols and struggle to come to terms with an idol violating or abusing them, they both child and adult may take years to come to terms with what has happened to them.

This is also part of Neptune in aspect to Venus, we love our idols just as we love our partners but sometimes those we love are capable of doing the most horrific acts towards us. Sometimes because it is so horrific we may deny these acts and take years to come to terms with what happened.  We may feel very confused because we still love the person who did this horrific thing and we may also feel guilty for loving that person or we may blame our actions in an attempt to excuse theirs.

All of these things are natural and just stages of a process we are going through, love is an emotion and emotions are not rational.  Venus represents our raw unprocessed emotions and desires it feels what it feels despite all the rationalisation in the world and it is normal to feel something irrational like love.  It just takes time for us to process the contradictions involved in loving another person, but that does not ever excuse the behaviour of those involved, it makes it far worse because it is an act of emotional violence as well as physical / sexual violence.

These effects may be felt far more by those with difficult childhoods, because there is still the unresolved issue of needing unconditional love.  Thus these individuals are far more likely to deny acts such as date rape and domestic abuse because their need to be loved is linked to their emotional development and their need for a close intimate bond with another.  It may take these individuals a long time to come to terms with what has happened to them because of their emotional vulnerability.




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