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‘Don’t cry,’ Mummy said
‘They’re not real.’
But Daddy was
And he’s not here.
‘Don’t be bitter,’ Mummy said
‘They’ve hurt themselves much more.’
But they can walk and run–
Daddy can’t
‘Forgive them and forget,’ Mummy said
But can Daddy know I do?
‘Smile for Daddy, kiss him well,’ Mummy said,
But can I ever?

Daughter of IRA victim Sally Ann

‘One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’ may be a cliché but it is still true.  The terrorist will list the terror of the state, which also kills but usually on a far larger scale.  Two wrongs never make a right but they do make a start – a start at acknowledging two wrongs have occurred and both should be dealt with.  This was true of Northern Ireland then and today it is also true of terrorism in the middle east.

Yet we can be blinded for such a long time to the fact that it is only in addressing both wrongs that they can be dealt with.  This blindness means we only see the terrorism of one side, that they started it – we are only defending ourselves. This is repeated by both the state and the terrorist both justify their actions by blaming the other. Soldiers in Afghanistan were there fighting for freedom as were the Taliban.  We are taught that soldiers sacrificed their lives for our freedom, yet at the same time many of us have national Freedom Fighter heroes who fought against the power of the Army for our freedom. We have both as heroes, and both have and do commit atrocities it is just that it is always the other that does it, other armies rape and abuse prisoners, other Freedom fighters / terrorists rape and murder the innocent.

But in between these two sets of heroes are a group often forgotten, women and children who are the ones being raped and slaughtered.  They rarely get a statue built to them they have no day of national celebration, we are complete blind to their heroism and bravery in trying to sustain life in the face of violence.  They may make the News for a couple of days and people may shake their heads in disgust at their treatment but in the long term they rarely matter. A quick glance at the Old Testament and it is easy to see that ‘Women and Children’ were mere spoils of war to be owned as a reward for victory. In 2002 the gang rape of an 18 year old was ordered by tribal leaders to restore dignity of an alleged affair her brother had.  Freedom Fighters and soldiers throughout the world and throughout history have restored ‘justice’ through the rape of women.

This is the dark side of Neptune in aspect to Uranus, the cruelty, barbarity and abuse of women and children in the name of freedom.  It is not restricted to regimes in the Congo or far flung corners of the world, it is not something that only the other does it is something that happens when we indulge in the propaganda of the just cause, the fight for our freedom often becomes the dehumanisation of the other.  Our fight for freedom whether at state or terrorist level usually ends up becoming the dehumanisation of the other.

It is very easy to go along that path of dehumanisation, to believe Germans eat babies or that all Muslims are sexual predators, violent or abusive to women.  None of these things are true just as none of the things about everybody in the west are true.  There are no populations or religious beliefs that make one group more abusive, violent or genocidal it is common to us all.  It is only in accepting our own violent, abusive and genocidal nature that we can become free of it.  To see it in the other has always been easy but to see it in ourselves has always been where we have fallen short.

For at heart both freedom fighters and soldiers are fighting to be free of violence, abuse and genocidal acts but neither can accomplish this freedom unless both state and terrorisms see it in their own actions not just the actions of others.  We need to see our own violence which is often hidden to us but apparent to the other.  Freedom cannot come from our own violence and abuse of power that is not true freedom.

The same may be said for the recent accounts of Asian gangs using vulnerable children in the sex trade, it was the denial of this abuse by the state for fear of being racist that led to wide scale abuse of children and young women.  Freedom is not achieved by the ignoring of abuse, ignoring abuse cannot make issues disappear but intensify them.  No child or vulnerable young adult should be sacrificed to a political belief, that is an act of violence by the state against the most vulnerable in society.  Living in a free democratic society means all are subject to the same rights and consequences irrespective of religion or race.

Living in a free world means that all should be subject to the same rights and consequences irrespective of whether they are powerful, western, eastern, allies or enemies. Living in a free world means that none of us are ever so intelligent or ethical, that we can ignore ‘common ethics’ for the greater good. None of us can do this because none of us are ever morally or intellectually superior.  This is why we have things like the Geneva Convention it is a recognition that none of us have the capacity to ever become morally, ethically or intellectually superior to another.

When the great and the good rape it is always because the woman is a whore, and whores can’t be raped. Thus anybody they rape is a whore and it is never rape, because the great and the good do not rape. The Great and the Good become Gods and Gods have always raped because they are free from the laws and rules that apply to the rest of humanity.




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