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Saturn is the babysitter of our inner child, the one that says no you can’t have ice cream for breakfast, actually you do need to go to bed and sleep, if you want it get a job and earn it yourself.  Saturn does not give us what we want but rather what we need, thus like all children we both hate Saturn and need him. Neptune on the other hand is all about getting what we want usually in the way of fantasy. With Saturn we are dealing with the illusion and disillusion around parents, structures, boundaries and enforcement.

Saturn sets us boundaries like all good parents should, it sets up structure in our life so we can predict what will happen next most of the time this too is what all good parents should do, it has set consequences so we can understand that all our decisions have consequences either positive or negative yet again all good parents should do this. Saturn tells us that we cannot jump off cliffs without getting hurt, sets meal times and bed times so we can predict our day and it tells us if we break it we have to pay.

This is good for us however when times are set so rigidly, that we cannot adapt bedtime or dinner time for special circumstances and occasions, instead setting structure, consequences and boundaries it becomes authoritarian which is when we are actually lacking in control as much as if we have set no boundaries, structure and consequence.  Thus we have in Saturn the three major types of parenting permissive where nothing is set and we have no consequences to our actions – however in reality permissive parenting swings between this and authoritarian parenting where through lack of control everything is attempted to be controlled, authoritarian where there is set rules and boundaries but freedom within them and authoritarian where everything is controlled and there is no room for manoeuvre.

Saturn tends to swing between all three at different times. Thus in aspect to Neptune we face the illusions and disillusionment of swinging between permissiveness and authoritarianism. Of not facing the consequences and disproportionate consequences, of having no boundaries and having to many boundaries, of having no structure and of having too much structure. Not facing the consequences of our actions means that we do not understand the importance of the choices and decisions we make. Disproportionate consequences means we are unduly punished for our mistakes and less likely to attempt things or speak out for fear of reprisal.

Disproportionate consequences rob us of our ability to work out risks, we all take risks every time we cross a road. Every time we cross we work out the risk of being hit by a vehicle based on its distance and speed, then we decide how high the risk is and either stay or cross.  When the consequences are disproportional we over estimate risks and this leads us to metaphorically only crossing roads when there are no vehicles on them, this rarely happens and so we rarely take risks and can become permanently stuck on one side of the road.

On the other hand permissiveness prevents us from seeing any risk and we are more likely metaphorically speaking to walk out in front of traffic regardless of its speed and breaking distance which means sooner or later we will be hit.  This can lead to us receiving severe injuries which cause us to over estimate future risks and also only metaphorically cross roads when there are no vehicles on them, thus permissiveness to can lead us to become permanently stuck on one side of the road.

The only way we can learn to cross the road is by learning to assess the risks appropriately.  We do this for many things in our lives without thinking.  However our ability to assess risks is sometimes compromised by false information and this too is Neptune in aspect to Saturn.  Our assessments are always based on what we know and if what we think we know turns out to be false we are taking actions in which we have assumed either the risk is higher than actual fact or much lower.

Neptune in aspect to Saturn can mean that we have no way of knowing the actual facts, that we may be unable to calculate the risks involved, that we are metaphorically crossing the road blindfolded.  However this happens in life and we must remember that the blind always cross the road metaphorically blindfolded.  What we do need to learn in these situations is to stay alert, to learn not to freeze and to be guided if necessary to the other side by those who are capable of doing so and this is important not everybody who is capable of seeing the risks is capable of guiding others. Guiding others takes more skill than just seeing the road ahead.

A good guide will know what it feels like to cross the road blindfolded. They will know from personal experience not to pull or push people out of danger but to guide them around it because pushing and pulling are in themselves a danger to the metaphorically blindfolded.  A good guide knows how much longer it takes to cross the road when you are blindfolded and can work this information into their risk assessment.  However it is often those with no knowledge of being a guide that offer to help us when we are blindfolded and this can lead to all sorts of trouble where we are more likely to become stranded half way across unsure of whether to move forward or backwards.

This is an important lesson that many of us learn and that is what it feels like to cross a busy road with an inexperienced guide and if we survive it we have learnt the skills needed to be aware of risk assessing for the blindfolded ourselves.  This means we have learnt the basics of becoming a good guide ourselves, and the more unpleasant the journey across the road was the more we will have appreciated what it takes to guide anybody.


Posted March 25, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Last Kiss from Neptune

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