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Neptune in aspect to Saturn can also pertain to our fantasies in two main ways. The first is in what our fantasies are saying to us, this includes our dreams. If we are having recurrent dreams or fantasies on certain themes it is likely that this is something that we are avoiding in reality.  However with fantasies and dreams it may not be apparent what it is that we are avoiding.  This requires us to take some time out to go through what is happening win our lives and how we are dealing with things or not.

We often use avoidance tactics when we do not want to deal with emotional issues or trauma.  At certain stages in life events often happen that remind us of past pain or trauma.  Children leaving home or getting married etc. can remind us of painful experiences in the past where we have had to let go of a loved one. Sometimes we can avoid dealing with these emotions at the time so that when a child is leaving home, we have both the past pain and the present situation to deal with and thus we may repress our true feelings about both.  In dreams and fantasies we may be dreaming of running away or escape without realising what it is that we want to run away or escape from.  This can be true of any situation if we are escaping to some exotic landscape in our dreams and fantasies then we want to run from something in our lives and until we know what that is we are unlikely to deal with it.

Thus it is important to question why we are having recurrent dreams or fantasies.  In doing so we have an opportunity to understand what it is that we are not dealing with.  In reality whatever we are ignoring may actually be resolved simply if we stop running away from the situation and face it.  Often the more we avoid situations the more out of control they become.  When we grasp that we are doing this the quicker we begin to deal with the situation the easier it will be for us to resolve it.  When we see themes that are consistently repeated in fantasy then these themes are also important in reality.

Recurrent themes may also indicate areas of our life that are being neglected in reality thus fulfilled within our dreams and fantasies.  This too is an area we should pay attention to and work out what it is in our lives that we are not fulfilling in reality so that we can take steps to incorporate those missing factors into our lives in some form.  We can thus start to plan changes to our circumstances no matter how small that allow us to be able to take more opportunities in life to express our different needs as human beings.

The second way in which it may pertain to fantasy is in taking our dreams and setting down some basic goals to fulfil the desires behind them, we cannot fulfil dreams but we can start to fulfil the desires that inspire them.  To do this we need to understand those desires and then work out practical ways in which we could possibly achieve them. Once we have done this we can set ourselves goals both short term and long term that help us work towards them.

This is an ongoing process that we may need to come back to frequently as our dreams evolve grow and change so to must our plans. Thus we can say that Neptune in aspect to Saturn can pertain a great deal to re-examining our dreams, goals and ambitions in life when these change so must our plans adapt and there is a lesson to be learnt in having sufficiently flexible goals that allow us to change direction quite easily and quickly in life without too much upheaval.

It is also about reassessing what we have achieved so far in life and how we can use the skills and talents we have already acquired in new ways to meet the changes in goals.  It is a good idea to always assess how much we have learnt as we tend to take some skills for granted. The skills we pick up in life can always be adapted to meet new requirements and this adaptation of skills already acquired and of experience takes imagination.

Thus we can start to list all our skills even the personal ones such as parenting and what we have achieved and learnt in the process, how we can use what has been learnt in new and imaginative ways. Often people talk about having children as taking a break from work and as losing or not adapting skills. In reality parenting requires us to develop a whole range of skills that were previously unnecessary and these skills like others in life are transferrable. This means we can use them in new and imaginative ways that increase our skill set and do not diminish it.

This is also true of other circumstances, whatever changes in circumstance we go through we develop new skills and coping mechanisms.  These will always be transferable and we just need the imagination to see how these new skills can be used to fulfil our changed goals in life.  With some thought and some imagination we often discover we have far more skills than previously thought and that these skills open much more doors to opportunity when used imaginatively than we may have thought possible.

This means we have skills and potential that we are often unaware of and Neptune in aspect to Saturn can give us the imagination and creativity to use these previously untapped skills to fulfil our goals in life.


Posted March 25, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Last Kiss from Neptune

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