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Neptune in aspect to Saturn also gives us the opportunities to use our imagination in creative ways when we are setting ourselves and others, boundaries, consequences and structure. Our lives need structure but that does not mean that structure has to lack imagination on the contrary the more imaginative we are about how we structure our lives the better that structure is likely to be.  We can restructure our lives imaginatively and we should do this as adults whenever there are changes in our circumstances.

Our lives need a certain amount of structure but we are completely free to imagine the type of structure needed and how to implement it in our lives.  If our lifestyle is not working for us then it is time to use our imagination and restructure our lives in ways that would work for us.  Our starting point would be our goals – why we need structure, to accomplish the necessary such as sleep, eating and work, but also to accomplish the important such as spending time with family, friends or creative endeavours.  Most of us restructure our lives without giving it much thought but with some imagination and thought we can restructure our lives whenever necessary to ensure that we are in fact creating a structure with flexibility and room to allow us to  accomplish not only the necessary but the important goals in life.

Consequences is also an area where we can be very creative I am dyslexic and like most dyslexics I have a wide range of avoidance tactics learnt as a child to avoid situations where my dyslexia would be noticed. Avoidance tactics are what we use when we do not want to wash dishes or do monotonous tasks – we all have them but some of us develop more avoidance tactics than others.  Here it is good to see our avoidance tactics and accept them for what they are, but we can also adopt reward systems or consequences for actions.

Whenever I am struggling to write I put a reward system in place, it is great for writer’s block. I have to write so much then I am rewarded with time for playing a game, pretty similar to tactics used within the education system. I have a time limit then I have to go back to writing to earn more time to play the game. Not only does the reward system work but the break also helps to free my mind from the pressure of having to think what to write when it is blank. Thus I go back to writing completely relaxed and without pressure. Whatever it is we hate doing we can break it up and give ourselves small rewards along the way and our imagination can come up with unique and original rewards if we let it.

This is also true of boundaries we all need to set ourselves boundaries, whether those boundaries are connected to diet, spending or alcohol we all need limits in our life but we can be creative with the limits we set ourselves.  We may have to set ourselves tight limits on spending but this does not mean we cannot be creative in the way we spend, or creative in finding free activities.  A little creativity often means finding a cheaper alternative that fulfils our requirements, this can mean buying something made for a different purpose and adapting it to our needs or altering what we already have. Finding new uses for old things and recycling creatively are also part of this imaginative use of boundaries.

We can also do this with diet quite easily, but we also have boundaries within our relationships that we don’t realise. Eating dinner at the table is a boundary, depending on how we were raised it may be important or completely irrelevant.  Within relationships we have different boundaries and expectations of them being filled.  This can cause difficulties when one thing is important to one and irrelevant to the other but we can use our creativity to overcome this by finding a solution that does not cater to one but to both.

This is especially important when there are children involved and there are differences in boundaries with some imagination there can be agreement reached so that children do not get mixed messages from both.  This involves communicating imaginatively with each other and forming an agreement which should be respected and this may also be part of Neptune in aspect to Saturn, learning to create boundaries together as a couple.

This may be one of the most important things a couple does when they have children and that is to create their own boundaries, structure and consequences as a family.  When both consciously put the effort in to making creative and imaginative joint choices, then both know exactly what the boundaries, structure and consequences are avoiding situations where one parent over rules the other by either disregarding boundaries, structure and consequences or enforcing their own set over the other parent.  By understanding that these things cannot be assumed, but need to be created jointly there is the possibility of creating more respect for each other within the relationship.




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