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Our ideals are what motivate us to change things for the better.  It is important that we remain in love with our ideals without being completely blinded by them.  As a small child my Gran said something that has stuck with me, a neighbour’s daughter was getting married, “That dress looks pretty, just remember that a wedding is just one day and a marriage is for the rest of your life.”  Sometimes our ideals are like a dress we wear them to feel special, but forget that a wedding day is not a marriage. But when we do enter into marriage with our ideals, we see their flaws and their potentials.

This is priceless for it gives us a start over most, for we see not only the potential good but the potential harm we can cause and preventing harm is always much easier than treating it. Hold onto your ideals just don’t ever let them blind you to the potential harm they can cause. Our ideals are ideas of what we think society and humanity have the potential to be.  They are our perfect world scenario, however we will always live in the real world not the perfect one so we will always need ideals to better that real world. Neptune in aspect to Jupiter is all about using our imagination to see new ways in which these ideals can become reality.

This is important because we do achieve this through science and other fields, however we are often blind to the negative impact because the positive possibilities are so great. We are also blinded to how far we have advanced through achieving some ideals.  From farming machinery which makes agriculture less dependent on intense human labour, to modern medicine we have achieved so much already. Agriculture has moved from its complete dependence on humans working as slave labour, in abhorrent conditions although picking of some crops still requires slave labour usually from poor populations. It has achieved a lot but it still has further to go.

Modern agriculture has achieved a lot but issues like over grazing and animal welfare, still need resolution.  For me the solution is to eventually get rid of consumerism – not in a going organic or vegan way, this is still consumerism and big business consumerism which produces more than is needed but still leads to hunger amongst the population. For me getting rid of consumerism means communities being empowered at a local level and the eventual dismantling of the state, communities are well placed to know how much food they need to grow to support their populations. This is the break from how much can we produce to how much do we need to produce to sustain ourselves. Breaking from producing as much as possible to be sold to consumers, to producing what is needed for sustenance whether in farming, technology or medicine frees resources.

This is not without problems such as keeping and maintaining education systems as well as healthcare, for me my ideology contains problems and potential. By being open to the problems I am open to possible solutions.  Whatever your ideology is it too contains potential and problems and we might have the solution to each others problems.  That is what is great about Neptune in aspect to Jupiter we are all capable of imagining different solutions to common ideals and in doing so we are all capable of having solutions to each others problems.

This is also part of my belief in breaking things down into communities, which removes all super power structures, we are all equal with no dominant community trying to impose their ideology onto another. This is something important because removing power games allows us to communicate and share ideas freely with each other.  This is something which the internet has the potential for allowing easily, creating a globalism without the power structures of large states but with the co-operation of communities, where ideas can be shared and common solutions to problems found. I do not want to live in a global community, I am Scottish and I will always be Scottish with a strong sense of what that means but I do want to live in a system of global communities where there is equality.

This is merely my ideology and you will probably have your own, but within each others ideology there are answers to different questions and we need to be able to come together not as states but as people and start sharing our ideals and the solutions we can imagine.  It is my solution because I can only be Scottish, I can never be French, Japanese, Kenyan or any other nationality and thus no matter how much I could read, I could never understand their country, their history or the importance of their traditional foods, festivals etc.

I can only under what it is to be Scottish because nationality is complex and I can understand the complexity of all those who are Scottish in different yet completely Scottish ways from me but it is much to complex for me ever to believe I can understand another’s nationality that is not Scottish.  I can feel connected as I do especially to other Celtic nations such as Wales, Cornwall and Ireland, but I cannot understand fully what it means to be any of these things.

What I can understand is another’s ideals and I can appreciate that they too can only be the nationality they are and that nationality will always be to complex for me to fully grasp. But I can grasp their ideals and the imagination they are capable of investing into them and I can grasp if those solutions would work in Scotland because solutions don’t have a one size fits all approach they have a does it work for this community approach. This is my ideology and my potential, but you have your ideology and your potential and the potential all of us have is the same one of reimagining our world into a better society.




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