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“We are what we always were in Salem, but now the little crazy children are jangling the keys of the kingdom, and common vengeance writes the law!” – Arthur Miller ‘The Crucible’

Nobody enjoys a good witch hunt as much as an idealist they are usually first in line with the torch in hand ready to burn their latest victim.  What is needed for a good witch hunt is always mass hysteria and moral outrage. Facts are irrelevant!

What always occurs when witch hunts are prevalent in society such as ours today is there is a dominant position of fear and mistrust. This is something that all the political parties in the Western world have been engaging in whether left or right. What happens is the general public are bombarded with information, so much that it is impossible for them to decipher it all or to know exactly who they can and cannot trust. Wikileaks was good at this, it did not give information that people were not aware of it bombarded them with too much to decipher thus creating an atmosphere of being overwhelmed and unable to trust in anybody especially the government. This is ironically what the governments have been doing since the financial crisis is removing any symbols of security and trust.

This creates an atmosphere where facts become irrelevant and conspiracy takes over, the more paranoid we become the less likely we are to rationally question anything.  It is not new it is something used by the Nazis, they helped heighten paranoia, and create a state where everybody mistrusted each other and especially the Nazis, the fear of being observed by neighbours and having their actions reported back to the Nazi party is what kept them in power. Fascism and Totalitarianism flourish in a society that is highly paranoid, and the only thing that can fight this is idealism of a different kind.

The kind of idealism that does not accept that we ever have to live in fear of anything.  At the heart of real idealism is the belief that some things are greater than ourselves, and those things we are willing to die for. In accepting this we are free from fear, if I am willing to die, be tortured and suffer any amount for things I believe are important I have no need to fear these things.  These things were always less important than what I believe in and cannot prevent me or any other person from doing anything. I have nothing to be paranoid about when I stop fearing the possibility of events less important.

An example of this is reactions to the Westburo Baptist Church, this is a small handful of people with extremely nasty views but in mass hysterical reactions to them which call for thousands and millions to respond they are given a power they never had in reality. They are no threat to anybody yet thousands feel the need to join a crusade against them – this is driven by irrational fear which empowers Westburo Baptist Church just like it empowered the Nazis.  We have become so paranoid we think we need thousands to defend against a dozen people holding signs that are unpleasant.

Their views are irrelevant they have no power to inflict pain on others yet we give them a power, in order to fight them we empower them like the West giving weapons to Muslim insurgents so they can fight them.  We are giving power to others in order to do battle for no purpose.  The globe has become caught up in a giant ideological battle in which both sides empower the other so that they can have fake battles.  This has meant resurrecting the ‘cold war’, because it give a status of power to both the West and Russia that in reality is now completely absent. Yet if we stop for a moment to see beyond the paranoia everybody is fighting to keep the status quo from complete collapse. In the battle there is a pretence of authority and power that has become absent in reality.

There is no battle between left and right both are non-existent in reality and have been for a long time but in joining a side we can assume the pretence that there is a political left or right and that we are fighting on its behalf. This means that we never have to deal with the real void of ideology or meaning that our consumerism has created. Big Pharma and Big Placebo are an example of this, Big Pharma makes $300 billion a year and Big Placebo $80 billion(alternative medicine plus supplements) – both are corporate and much of the Big Placebo products and Big Pharma products are made by the same companies. The same can be said for political ideologies as well they are all owned by the same companies. Whole foods made $11.7 billion, Monsanto $13.5 billion and organic foods $28 billion our battles are not real but they are making a lot of money for the very few.

We need an idealism that steps out side of consumerism that deals with the poorest in society, the most vulnerable, exploited and fights for justice not a consumer alternative lifestyle sponsored by big corporations. We need an idealism that is not based on buying a ‘natural alternative’ natural alternatives are not bought – there is nothing natural in buying and the chemicals in natural products are the same chemicals that are in everything else. Our consumerism cannot be natural or ethical but we can create ideals that go beyond the consumerism of today and look at what it means to be a human living in this time. This is Neptune in aspect to Jupiter the imagination and Inspiration to look beyond our consumer ideology, to see a new way forward.



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