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Some things are bigger and more important than ourselves, we call them ideals and for them we are willing to sacrifice our lives. From soldiers, scientists, doctors, revolutionaries, human rights activists to football supporters we like to gather with those we share common ideals and goals with and we will sacrifice almost anything to fulfil those goals or ideals.

The ideal of the soldier is that of country and family, and of sacrificing life for their protection.  The ideal of the scientist is the discovery that will improve the world and change all our lives and for the better.  For the football supporter the ideal is simply that of supporting their team in defeat, and in exchange for their support to be there for that one glorious victory that proves the tears and the money were all worthwhile.

However the ideal can be anything from Veganism, Christianity, environment, Islam, Hinduism, Body Building to collecting model railways.  Whatever it is we all have it in our lives, classical music, film, classical novels, art, poetry, writing or any number of activities and loves that are bigger than ourselves.  For some it is science even if they are not scientists.  For others it may be cooking that is central in their lives but whatever it is there will be ideals and beliefs attached to it. This is the effect of our Jupiter, be it religion, philosophy or trains it is the big thing that makes life worthwhile and what we are willing to risk even our lives for.

Sometimes we have more than one big thing in our lives, love is also often a big thing in conjunction with the other big things out there.  Whatever our big thing or big things in life are we are not rational when it comes to them, but at times this blinds us to our behaviour completely and this is part of Neptune in aspect to Jupiter.

There is a fine line between having a passion in life and becoming obsessed to the point where we neglect others.  It is also pleasant listening to somebody talk about there passion but if that is the sole subject then we lose interest quickly.  If we feel this interest or belief is being foisted upon us we lose interest even quicker. However even this is mild in comparison to becoming completely blinded by an ideology or romance that we lose all sight of reality.  When we believe in ideals we can also follow others without thought and without questioning their motivation because we believe we are fulfilling an ideal.  This is called believing we are elect and it is an important idea to understand.

This is when our ideals become dangerous for they cloud our judgement and can make us behave in ways we would not think possible. The Rohingya Muslims have been described by the United Nations as ‘the world’s most persecuted minority’. They have been and still are the victim of genocidal policies in Myanmar, yet Aung San Suu Kyi never mentions their treatment and the genocide in Myanmar except to say that these refugees fleeing the genocide should be treated with mercy by Australia, Australia is not the perpetrator of genocidal actions her own country is.

However her refusal to acknowledge the ethnic cleansing within her own country, is worsened by her insistence that violence is perpetrated by both, ethnic cleansing is not committed by both. Ethnic cleansing is committed by one side she considers Burmese against another she considers to be non citizens although she has said the restrictions on Rohingya Muslims having more than two children is unfair. It is not unfair it is symptomatic of a country that fails to see the Rohingya as human, and there can be no democracy by ignoring genocide.

This is at the heart of her idealism, that by ignoring genocide and abuse within Myanmar she can be in a position to create real democracy within the country. Democracy cannot come at the price of genocide and widespread abuse, because these are opposite values – democracy is valuing everybody with the same rights, genocide is valuing some people as having no rights and no humanity. Thus we have a Nobel Peace Prize winner ignoring genocide not despite her 15 years of house arrest but because of this, because she has sacrificed so much for her ideal of democracy, she has become blind to what she is willing to allow in order to attempt to obtain her ideal.

This is something that can happen to all of us when we become to wrapped up in our ideals, we fail to see beyond them and in doing so we lose the spirit of the ideal we believe we are sacrificing everything for.  When we lose the spirit of an ideal we lose the ideal, for all ideals must stay true to their ethos or die. When we make ourselves elect we make ourselves above our ideals and like Nietzsche’s superman we believe those ideals and ethics no longer apply to us.

This is true of all of us when we abandon principles, turn a blind eye or excuse the inexcusable. The ideal we think we are protecting in doing so is destroyed.  Many of us do not want to accept that those capable of great things are also capable of great evil, but it is our lack of acceptance that makes them capable of such evil, whether that is our hero / heroine, religion or our country. For when a person becomes elect they lose the capacity to judge their own actions.

This is true of all of us and it is something we should all be aware of because even the great and the good can be completely blinded. The left did this in failing to separate facts in regards to Julian Assange, one is that Sweden could extradite Assange to the USA and that allegations of rape may be just a smear, the second is Julian Assange is charged with rape but cannot be arrested with rape until he returns to Sweden. These are two separate facts, he cannot be arrested because he has not returned to Sweden, his extradition is to return to Sweden to answer questions about serious sexual assault and rape this extradition is completely separate to whether or not the USA may want Sweden to extradite him.

The UK court has said that the charges meets the UK legal definition of rape and sexual assault, it would also meet most countries definition of rape and sexual assault. The case could be an attempt to smear Julian Assange, thus Wikileaks. Wikileaks publishing statements on the case for not being extradited by an expert witness who had to withdraw his statement in court because the legal team gave false information also smears Wikileaks.  Only in returning to Sweden and facing these allegations can this be decided.

In stead of separation of the two we have had a dishonest argument that first sought to trivialise rape, that has not only named but smeared the names of the alleged victims and put them on trial. None of this is relevant to whether Julian Assange should or would be extradited to the USA, this is highly unlike to ever happen it would not be in the USA’s interests to make him any more of a martyr than he has already made himself. It is relevant to what has traditionally happened to rape victims especially those who make allegations against the rich and powerful. That is that it is the alleged victims and not the alleged perpetrator who is put on trial this is something that needs to stop.  This we do when people have become elect, they have become above the moral and ethical code that should apply to everybody and becoming elect turns us evil.

Becoming elect is something that runs through the history of mankind. The Hebrew population believed themselves elect ‘chosen people’.  This idea still runs their behaviour in Israel, many Christians believe themselves to be elect too although in reality Christ stood against the ‘elect’, in the story of the 99 sheep he uses the phrase ‘saved’ ironically the elect are by their own definition saved because they are above accountability for their actions, thus he cannot ‘save’ them only the lost – the ones that are still accountable can he reach.

Being elect has a long history of abuse and violence, not only do the religious make themselves elect but intellectuals, politicians and others.  It is a part of human nature and it is something that can happen to all of us.









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