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Our imagination has both positive and negative aspects, when our irrational thoughts are involved with traumatic experiences they trap us in them. One way of overcoming this is Cognitive Processing Therapy.  This is where our beliefs about traumatic events are challenged – we tend to blame ourselves for events and to suppose it is because we are unloved, unlucky or undeserving and way may get stuck in a cycle of punishing ourselves unconsciously.

I have undergone Cognitive Processing Therapy, in it you are asked open questions about why you think certain events happened, or why people behaved in certain ways. My answers were definitely irrational to begin with but this is challenged.  More importantly it is left to you the individual when challenged to find the reality of the situation and to slowly understand how your mind works when you have irrational beliefs about traumatic events.  In the end you begin to understand that a lot of what you believe is not true and with this you become your own therapist.

Cognitive Processing Therapy teaches the skills you need to help yourself overcome trauma, in this way it also helps you face any future traumas with the skills need to overcome them successfully.  Although best done with a therapist these skills can be learnt by anybody.  First skill is to ask yourself why you think certain things happened, or certain people did things and this can be about present day situations as well.  Once you have answered that you need to question how likely it is that this is the actual reason for events or people’s behaviour.

The next step is to face events you avoid in life by asking yourself why you are avoiding them, again you must question how likely is the reason you are avoiding something – we avoid many things due to irrational beliefs.  Here there is a following step once you know how irrational or improbable the belief is you must face what you are avoiding – this is terrifying at first but the more we face our fears and the things we avoid the less frightening it becomes. This sounds easy but is something of a process and journey.

First of all we tend to validate our irrational beliefs by saying it ‘felt like’, as in it felt like they abandoned me or it felt like they didn’t love me. There is no validation in this process whenever you are telling yourself this you stop, and you look at the facts. If it is not true it is not true and you cannot continue to validate untrue beliefs by using words like felt – they are simply not true.  This is perhaps the hardest part – stopping our own validation of our irrational beliefs, and it takes practice in becoming tough enough to do this.

But more importantly we must not validate any belief about traumatic events being the result of not being loved, we must tell ourselves that whatever happened was not our fault and was not because we were unloved.  This perhaps is best when we hear it from others but it is something we must tell ourselves for when we look at the situation and the people involved they have issues that have nothing to do with us or whether they love us. Whatever traumas we have experienced and there are so many traumas we can experience, none of it is because of who we are, or anything we have done.  This is an important thing to understand.

This is an on-going process throughout life we all have irrational fears and beliefs, but learning the skills to deal with them means that we can get these beliefs and fears under our control and with work we can completely overcome many of them.  We all face trauma in life and it takes us time to develop the skills we need to overcome them.  This is a simple outline of the skills I have developed and how I continue to use them, to understand myself better and to deal with issues and fears as they arise.

I consciously take on the role of my therapist, why do I think this, how likely is what I believe? Is there another more reasonable explanation? What was happening in the lives of others at the time, how might that have affected things? How is what I believe affecting me, what are my irrational beliefs preventing me from achieving? How could my life change if I deal with this irrational belief.  How important is it to me that I am able to make these changes and face these fears?

Those are just some basic questions but there are an infinite amount of questions we can ask ourselves, and we can be as personal as we like with ourselves but more importantly we can start to listen to ourselves better. We can listen then work out if what we are saying is true, we can work out what it is we really want, what we are really avoiding and why.  Each time we listen to ourselves we begin to know ourselves better and we can discover so much more about who we really are and how we really feel.  In doing this we have the opportunity to give ourselves what it is we need and want in life.

This is the potential of Neptune in aspect to Mercury discovering ourselves in the midst of all our irrational beliefs, and learning to listen and talk to ourselves. Understanding what it is that we are thinking and why is a skill all of us should have and it is never to late to develop it.


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