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There is a very modern myth that we need to teach our sons not to rape, the truth is if you need to teach your children why rape is wrong you have failed as a parent.  As parents we should raise our children to have respect for others and to be considerate, not to be violent or abusive.  If we need to teach our sons not to rape we also need to teach our daughters not to become serial killers.  If we need to do these things then society is in serious trouble, for people should not need to teach their children that rape and murder is wrong, for children to believe otherwise means that the problem is not sons needing to know they should not rape or daughters needing to know they should not murder.

As parents we give children values from our behaviour, and as they get older they question those values and begin to question how ethical they are, if we are giving child poor values they will question them but they should have been raised with the ability to make ethical decisions of their own without parents needing to tell them what is right or wrong.  The idea of needing to teach my son not to rape, is offensive to me as a parent because it implies I have raised my son without the ability to make good ethical decisions or I have no respect for him as person, it is also offensive to him because it implies he has no ethical or moral values of his own.

People commit all sorts of crimes, male and female – mothers sexually abuse children just like fathers do.  Yet we have no campaign to teach our daughters or mothers not to sexually abuse children.  This may be because we treat them with enough respect that we assume they are not all child molesters because some women are.  We cannot treat one gender has being more violent and abusive than another because the reality is completely different, some women are sex offenders, some women are physically abusive in relationships and although as a society we tend to ignore and deny this fact figures show there is little difference between gender when it comes to how abusive we can be.

This is also Neptune in aspect to Mars we deny the feminine Mars in both its positive and negative aspects, we blank out reality.  We do not treat either sexual abuse or physical abuse by women seriously in fact people will joke when an adult women has sexually abused a teenage boy but they will never joke about an adult man sexually abusing a teenage girl.  The same may be said of domestic abuse where the man may be ridiculed if he is the victim but not the woman.

there is something deeply wrong in a society that closes its eyes to the behaviour of one gender and blames all the ills on another this is not equality and far from becoming an equal society gender wise we are becoming increasingly unequal.  Teenage boys as well as teenage girls may feel pressured into having sex, consent is not specific to gender.  Girls can and do pressurise boys into having sex, and if we are talking about teaching boys about consent we need to talk just as much about teaching girls about consent for there is no difference.  Consent is a part of respect and respect was always meant to be a two way street, it was never meant to apply solely to one gender and it shouldn’t.

We do not need to teach our sons not to rape but we do need to teach our children to have respect for each other irrespective of gender.  The only way we can do this is by showing respect ourselves irrespective of gender, we should not as a society tolerate domestic or sexual abuse regardless of the gender of the perpetrator.  When society starts to show respect to all our children, all our children will be more likely to have respect for society.  More importantly our children will learn that respect does not differentiate between gender, race, sexuality or religion.  Respect is something we should have for all of humanity.


Posted March 22, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Last Kiss from Neptune

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