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Day dreams, imagination and creative reading/ writing are all part of the positive effects of Neptune in aspect to Mercury.  These influences are what makes the mundane special, reading especially – when we read our brain not only has to concentrate on the words but our imagination recreates a visual image of what we are reading that can also include sounds and smells exercising our brains ability to recall experiences from memory and to adapt those memories to fit in with what we are reading.  It also helps us to experience the world through the eyes of another and this in turn helps to make us more empathic, the more we are able to identify with characters in novels the better we are at being able to do the same in real life.

The same is true of writing whatever you write, writing on any subject even fiction requires research techniques and skills. Writing is also something that requires dedication, even astrologers get writers block and flashes of inspiration that make sticking to the task vary from hard to easy but in the end there is a satisfaction in writing and developing your ideas, that is fulfilling.

Both reading and writing are fulfilling experiences whether or not anybody reads what we write there is a fulfilment in conceiving ideas, researching them and completing the process.  When we write we express a part of ourselves and give it life whether it is fiction or non fiction when we write and whatever we write it contains a part of our thoughts and ideas, it also contains exploration of those thoughts and ideas as well as new discoveries about who we are.

Writing can be a fun way to get to know yourself better when you discover aspects of your own nature, not always positive in what you write you explore all the aspects of what being you means including the less pleasant side of your personality.  You also discover more about how you tend to think and most of us think without questioning it.  However there is a great deal to be learnt about who we are from the way we think and how we think.  Daydreaming too is also about how we think when we have unlimited possibilities and from daydreams we can often find ourselves fulfilling goals we had previously thought impossible.

All these are inspired by our ability to imagine and to create from imagination, without this it would be hard for us to take risks in life.  By imagining possible outcomes we can weigh up our choices in life and find the courage to take a few gambles along the way.  The imagination has no boundaries and is never limited in its choices, in reality we often are but through imagination we often see new possibilities and when we listen to what our imagination is telling us we can find opportunities to fulfil our potential in new and original ways.

We should ask ourselves what it is in our daydreams we are doing and why.  If we daydream about being a super hero what is it about being a super hero that interests us?  Do we want to feel like we are contributing or helping to change the world for the better?  Do we want to impress somebody and why do we want to impress them? What is it that those we want impress represent?  Why is this important?

Daydreams tell us so much about who we are, what we want and why when we ask questions of our daydreams we can start to put into place, ways in reality that we can achieve our aims. If we want to contribute more we can begin to look into voluntary work for a cause or charity. If we want to impress somebody we need to understand if it is the person or what they represent that we are dreaming of impressing – we cannot impress people whatever we do in life for they will come to their own conclusions but we can put in place goals if we want to show off our talents or make achievements known to people of importance in that sphere.

In our daydreams we are always revealing thoughts about what our potential may be and it is through daydreams that we find the inspiration to explore our own potential, to develop it and to find fulfilment if not recognition in doing so.  Whatever it is we daydream about it is important to us or we would not daydream about it.  So no matter how ridiculous your daydreams may seem look carefully and you will find something important to you within them and in discovering what is important to you often discover a way of fulfilling your potential.

Let Neptune in aspect to Mercury open your mind to your unlimited potential in life dare to daydream and see where those dreams take you, for wherever you go in your daydreams you can find a way to go in reality once you understand where you are headed planning the route ahead becomes much easier in life.  So never listen to anybody who says daydreams are a waste of time for they contain our potential and exploring our potential is never a waste of time for any of us.  It is only a waste not to explore our potential, not to see what our dreams are telling us and never recognising that the castles built in the air are our design blueprint for the castles we build in reality.



Posted March 21, 2015 by neptune's Aura Astrology in Last Kiss from Neptune

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