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Neptune in aspect to Mars has a double effect with it symbolising the ignoring of the consequences of our drives through narcissistic idealist fantasy such as child idealisation / child slavery of the Victorian era and the opposite effect using fantasy to fulfil the drives and desires we cannot fulfil in reality because of their negative impact.

Fantasy blinds us to the impact of the reality of our drives on others. Victorian era also symbolises this in the marriage of Victoria’s children to the central powers in Europe this was a mirroring of the effect of the British Empire as assuming global domination.  Yet the fantasy was not one in which through marriage/breeding Britain would dominate Europe the fantasy was one in which this would lead to lasting peace.  When we try to dominate which is a natural drive we often disguise this impulse as altruistic in some sense, such as being ‘the world’s police force’ – in reality no country does this they do however try to dominate the political scene and enforce policies that are the best out come for them.  In reality no war has been fought for our freedom and no soldier has ever died for our freedom, they have died in a battle of wills over who will dominate areas of the globe.

This is also true in areas of work there is a natural instinct for wanting to dominate or boss others, the unions which were set up to protect the rights of workers have fallen just as much to this natural drive as ‘the boss’, where through disputes the vie for ultimate domination.  This has lead to periods where unions have dominated and the opposite which is now occurring a period when the unions have no power. Because of unions’ own drive for dominance they have lost the power they once had in representing the rights of workers, their own misuse of power causing their downfall.  However this is just one period and as the misuse of power by large corporations increases they to will lose their dominance and the tables will turn once more.

Thus it is always in our interest not to use fantasy to blind us to the consequences of our natural drives for in doing so we create our own downfall.  This is not always an easy task but one in which we should reflect upon the reality of our choices.  This may mean a rebalancing of how we use Neptune if we have been blinding ourselves to the reality of the effects of our drives on others we may have to accept that those natural drives need to be curbed and Neptune again provides a solution to this for through fantasy we can always fulfil the drives we cannot fulfil in reality.

Our need to succeed and dominate is expressed as much in our sexual fantasies as our sex drives are, we fantasise of sex with famous people because in doing so we are fantasising about our own drive for recognition and success.  In reality our sexual fantasies often express little of our sexual drives, and more our narcissistic needs that we have hidden such as recognition, and desirable objects (such as the film star etc) thus fantasising about others does not relate to sexual attraction as such but our own desirability and importance.

If a film star is desired by a population then we objectify them and in our fantasy we get what is desired by others but which only we can have, which means often we may not even desire the star ourselves just desire what others want.  This is like children who always want the toy the other child has, it is not the toy they really desire but merely the possession of something that somebody else wants.  We are as adults likely to pay way beyond the worth of an object if it is known to be highly desired and unique, this is a natural part of our nature that we seldom have the opportunity to express except through fantasy unless we are wealthy.

This is important to understand when openly sharing our fantasies with each other they may not mean that we are sexually attracted to somebody even if the fantasy is sexual, and they may not mean that we actually want to do certain acts in real life as with all fantasy there is an extremely deep and rich symbolism that will be unique to us all in some ways, yet express universal drives within us all.

In understanding this about our fantasies it is impossible for us to place any moral judgements on our own fantasies or those of others for they may have hidden within them a wide variety of meaning that is unknown to us and they do not contain anything we should feel guilty about or repress – they are mere symbolic representations of normal desires, drives and wants. Opening up and sharing these normal desires, wants and drives with our lover and allowing them to express this aspect of their personality with you means both are fully accepted as complete humans with narcissistic, selfish desires, wants and needs as well as the ability to show compassion, duty and empathy.

In sharing our fantasies we share the deepest parts of our unconscious with another and do so in an atmosphere of acceptance and love.  We are saying to each other that it is fine to have these drives and they are a part of you that I accept and understand that because of your values and ethics you do not act upon them and this is what makes humanity special the ability to have normal drives that they do not act upon because of their concern for others.


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