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Thus we have to ask ourselves how we combine the need to experience the fall of love, sexual fantasy and our natural hedonistic narcissism in ways that help us optimise their potential in our lives. Our hedonism is natural but it is driven by unhappiness often, such as eating for comfort, using sex to fill a void etc. thus the natural place for us to start is with what we are lacking, or feel we are lacking.

There is a void in modern consumerist society, because of its very nature – it perpetuates the myth that you have to be physically, emotionally, morally and ethically ‘perfect’ to be desirable.  Whatever products you are sold are meant to fulfil this gap but since perfection cannot be obtained we are constantly in a cycle of buying the new improved version of ourselves.

Thus the first step is for us to fall, for in falling in love we open ourselves to the truth of who we are, if you are having a relationship with the perfect version of me then it is a relationship for one, a fantasy. To have a relationship with me is to have a relationship with the person inside the imperfect body, otherwise a corpse would suffice. That person inside the imperfect body has faults and flaws and does not believe in becoming perfect nor desires to be seen as such.  This is probably true for most of us, yet we are constantly bombarded by such a message and it has its toll on us.

Thus in going through the fall we fall for an idealised image but come to terms with our own imperfect and the imperfection of the other.  In breaking our need for unachievable perfection we also break the void that is created by consumerism.  This leaves us with circumstance, which none of us has control over to any major extent in life. However circumstance sets our possibilities it does not limit them, if you like circumstance is the box in which an infinite number of possibilities can reside.  Through fantasies we achieve hedonistic perfection and explore the limitless possibilities open to us, the possibilities will never be reality but very few possibilities ever become reality or we would all win the lottery.

Thus Venus in aspect to Neptune can help us fulfil our potential in fantasy and accept our fallibility as mortals in accepting both the reality of love and the importance of fantasy, we can use these important facets in overcoming our consumerist dependence and our feelings of lack.  For our feelings of lack are driven by our consumerist lifestyle, which is driven by dissatisfaction of the life we are leading and in breaking the cycle we can begin to fix each part piece by piece.  This means addressing ourselves first and solving what is solvable within our lives and the society we live in.

Neptune in aspect to Venus gives us the capacity to do this if we are honest and accept our fantasies as a fulfilment of our own possibilities, without projecting them on to a beloved other for in reality nobody is beloved who is merely a projection of our fantasies for their actual real existence is unnecessary when they are but a fantasy of the mind.  However we do need a real person to make us fall and in falling in love we must fall for the imperfections of reality and the person.

When we are open and honest about accepting another’s imperfections as just a facet of their self we will find it is much easier to do the same.  My advice for Venus in aspect to Neptune is do not go looking for Mr/Miss Right, go looking for Mr/Miss Real, for that is where real love can blossom and real love is something not to be missed.

” I don’t believe its a failing, I don’t believe it’s a fault. ‘Cos if everything were plain sailing, What would there be left to exalt.” – Will Young ‘All Time Love’

Mr/Miss Real will have faults and failings but real love accepts faults and failings and is never flawed by the faults and failings of those in love.  This is what love achieves it overcomes our failings our flaws our inability to live together harmoniously not through denial but through acceptance.

Living together is important, living together in honesty is vital.  Oscar wilde talking about charity said, “surrounded by hideous poverty, by hideous ugliness, by hideous starvation” we would inevitably respond not in a way that prevents such poverty and starvation from happening but one that eases our guilt. “with admirable, though misdirected intentions, they very seriously and very sentimentally set themselves to the task of remedying the evils that they see. But their remedies do not cure the disease: they merely prolong it. Indeed, their remedies are part of the disease”.

This is true also of the state, we pay a few pence extra to ease the severity of poverty without actually addressing the inequality and injustice that creates such poverty to begin with.  In learning to love each other honestly we must look honesty into each others faces and face our own deceptions.  We must in loving each other honestly put each others needs on an equal par with our own.  For there is no real love in fantasy just our own fulfilment it is a solitary act that denies the humanity of the other and it is a major ailment of modern life.




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