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Venus in aspect to Neptune is where we meet our sexual fantasies and ideals, everybody has them and they are all unique even though we may all have similarities. Love requires us to fall, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Romantic love requires us to fall for an image: smile, laugh, sparkle in the eye, gentle touch – we fall for an image before we ever know what lies behind the image we have fallen for.  We fall in love before we know the person we have fallen in love with and it has to be this way for in falling in love we have a vested interest in discovering the person behind the image.  This is a fall for we leap into the unknown and in doing so we leave ourselves open to the pain of a hard landing for this leap is always dangerous and exciting.

In a world risk assessed to the point of absolute security, falling in love is perhaps the greatest adventure and risk we will take.  For the bungee jumper’s cord has been measured and tested for strength but in the fall of love there is no chord, no safety harness and no way of knowing where we will land.  This is how our relationships begin as leaps in the dark, the adventure of discovering who you and the other person is – in taking the leap we discover ourselves as well as the other.  This is pretty scary stuff for humans to do and so Neptune as always eases this leap by making it seem dream like, the first time we glance at a certain face or smile at a certain person we enter a deep trance and it is only in our trance like state that we can fall.

Love is in this sense a mystical and magical experience for we must first enter a trance like state in which we are experiencing reality in a completely new and different way.  In this state we are like a new-born child experiencing the world anew for the first time and we see its wonder all around us. We return to the small child’s sense of wonder, and this in itself makes the fall worth while.

To fall in love is to be reborn and have to discover the world and ourselves once more and while we are doing this we also discover the cause of our fall in their all too human form.  This is what is so miraculous about love that a mere mortal full of flaws and bad habits can cause us to fall like stars from the sky and be reborn into a glorious world of sunsets, mountains and trees.  For all of us this is a glorious moment but afterwards we will all have to come to terms with the object of our fall another human who is not an angel from above but flesh and blood as we are too.  This takes extra magic to let go of the dream and accept the person but in doing so we complete our fall we seize the adventure of loving the imperfect, irrational and the annoying – but we have had practice at doing this it is called family.

For the fall of falling in love is the fall of Eve a deeply intense emotional experience that caused her to discover her own humanity, to realise she was human. It is in the fall that the story of humanity has always begun and it is in the fall that our story will end for the fall is the beginning and end of all that we can be.

Sexual fantasy on the other hand requires no fall, no leap in the dark but is just as important.  In fantasy we can take the leap in our head, just like a bird testing its wings before flight.  In fantasy we can discover ourselves and our desires, look into the depth of the mind and all that resides there without judgement. In fantasy we can learn to fall in love with ourselves as complete human beings with dark desires, wants and needs.

Our fantasies give expression to what we repress for others, for we all repress desires for others for we cannot do otherwise.  We cannot force our desires upon others but they are given expression through fantasy, and this fantasy has a perfection of the mind and senses that reality lacks.  In fantasy our hedonism is perfected for the imperfections of reality are removed and only the pure sensuality remains.  This pure sensual expression can give us more gratification than reality and is one way we can always fulfil our hedonistic tendencies whatever our circumstances are in life, the homeless man can be more fulfilled hedonistically than the richest man through his fantasies.

Thus our fantasies can create an equality of experience missing in the real world.  In our fantasies we are not limited by circumstance, education or opportunity.  Our fantasies can also help us to overcome the difficulties we experience in life by allowing us the choices we cannot make in reality because of circumstance and duty to others in fantasy we are freed from our responsibilities and only in fantasy are we always able to follow our heart’s desire.  We cannot make fantasy a reality we may try to recreate the circumstances of fantasy but reality contains the real which is imperfect and missing from fantasy, thus reality cannot compete with fantasy but exist alongside it as equally important and offering what fantasy cannot offer connection to humanity.

Both fantasy and reality are equally important to us and it is in accepting both as equals that exist side by side to make life a rich and rewarding experience for all, that we optimise both their effects. We also see how the fall of love lies in the space between fantasy and reality like a bridge to each other’s land and one in which we must be comfortable crossing many times between the two.


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