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How do we realise our ability to respect our and each others homes and families on a personal and national level without developing the narcissistic tendency to view our own as superior.  This is a question that has been with humanity from the beginning of time.  We all need family stories and myths of our homeland, but they should be recognised for what they are.  These myths are designed to inspire the best in us all and if instead they make us believe in our own superiority they have accomplished the opposite.

Our myths and legends are often about doing the impossible in the face of great opposition, not about being superior or better, and we all have these myths and our own myths are important to us and should be respected by everybody including ourselves and this means using these myths to inspire the best in us all and not to breed hatred, narcissism or superiority.  In recognising our myths as just myths designed to inspire us to love our family and home and look after it as it has been looked after for our generation and other generations before us we have the opportunity to become guardians of our own national myths, protectors of its uses and functions.

In our role as guardians we can ensure not only that our own myths are used to inspire and not denigrate others but we can also promote respect for the myths of other national families and of their homeland. In doing this we accept that we all have our own mythic relationship to mother earth through our home and family and each mythic relationship is equally important.  In doing this we can begin to see history for what it really is, the mythic story of the West – which lacks the myths of so much of the world and is incomplete in its own mythology.  As long as it is focused solely on gazing at our relationship to mother earth through the eyes of the west history can not move beyond its own narcissism, superiority and racism.

History must always be reinterpreted for our ability to edit our own past and to open that past to the inclusion of others this is vital.  For history is how we interpret the past at any given moment of time and that interpretation has never stood still.  It is time for us all to look deeper into our own history and the shared story of humanity, to reinterpret the facts and to add new chapters that makes our history an inclusive one that takes from all of humanity the stories and lessons needed for this time without setting any story above another or placing one culture in a position of superiority.

When we adapt our myths and make them fit for purpose, we shall have our story set for this new chapter one in which all families and homes are valued where we are all equally important.  In setting our story straight we help prepare the next generation and the generation after that to continue the story of home and family that we have been creating together for over 200,000 years.  It is a story of many homes and many families, those homes have changed and families have moved around the globe but the importance of our home and our family has never changed.

Within our family there are many people all with flaws and faults but they are all part of our family and we share our home with them not only must we learn to respect all homes but we must realise that we must respect everybody we share our home with.  Our home is where family should be, and those we share our home with should be family.  This means they should be important to us as anybody else we share our home with and they too are entitled to fair use of their home and to be treated as part of the family.  This may mean that we need to rethink how our home has been used and whether it is still fit for purpose as a home for all our family.

Our family has been together for thousands of years and it will probably be together for thousands of years after we have gone but our home will be there long after humanity has gone.  Our home is not a resource we will run out of, it will out last us all and since we know this we have no need to fear sharing the resource of our home with all the family equally and fairly for it always belonged to all the family.  This is Neptune in aspect to the moon understanding our mythic family and our larger family as part of our story of our home, of sharing our home with family and the happiness that brings when we are all together as a family despite our differences.

This is perhaps the greatest story we can give to our children the story of their family and their home and as such we have a duty to them to make it the best home and family it can be despite being made up of completely flawed humans who will never achieve perfection but who will always be part of our family none the less.  This is the story of family that accepts each others flaws.  This has always been a part of the story of family how the flawed and the completely different live together in a place called home and make it work for all the family not just some.

This is the opportunity of family and home it is what it has always offered us and without it we are less.

“Show me a man who respects the rights of all countries, but is ready to defend his own against them all, and I will show you a man who is both a nationalist and an internationalist” – Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun

A true nationalist is somebody who sees his country as his home and all those who live in it as his family.  When we see our country in such light we also recognise the same truth of other countries and it is then we can say we truly are international.


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