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Our ego is designed to protect us psychologically, yet it is this very function that often damages us as discussed it can lead us to believe we are unloved, unwanted, undesired, bad, etc.  In reality none of these things are ever true all of us creates our story around others that have issues, problems and bad days, months and years – none of which we are the cause and they like us are just reacting to their circumstance not any individual.  As also stated the universe does not contain justice, mercy and duty only we can contain those ideals when we show them to others.

This begs the question of how we move forward, in relation to Neptune in aspect to the Sun we have to deal with our negative beliefs about ourselves, we have to question whether they are in fact true.  How much of our own story is inflicting pain upon us because we believe the lies we have told ourselves, how much of our own story is preventing us from fully living our lives because we believe the lies we have told ourselves? Thus the first person we need to show justice, mercy and duty to is often ourselves.

In questioning every belief we have about ourselves, we need to ask is this story balanced, do we have all the facts at hand to judge – this is justice opening up to the fact that we often have one set of facts and that is our own interpretation of a complex situation. The second is mercy we need to have mercy both on ourselves and others because both ourselves and others are not perfect and we say things just because we are tired, grumpy, frustrated and stretched to the limit and we all say things to each other that are not meant. We need the mercy to forgive others and to forgive ourselves by stopping the empowerment of words and actions said / done in anger and frustration by believing they are about us being unloved, unliked or unwanted.  This leaves us the final stage which is duty and we have a duty to ourselves to question those lies whenever they make us feel unloved, unwanted or prevent us from fully living our lives.  We have a duty to fulfil our potential as humans by living life to the fullest for life is short and whatever circumstances we find ourselves in we can only make the most of them and live each day to the fullest potential that is possible in our current circumstances.

In showing justice and mercy towards ourselves and others we fulfil our duty. For there is no more that we as humans can do, we are as individuals incapable of ending world poverty, violence or crime – we can and we often do lessen the impact of these things through justice, mercy and duty but we cannot prevent them. Because we are incapable of controlling the natural world disaster, famine and crime will always be a part of our story and it is what we do in the face of these things that makes our adventure through life our own story.

In our story these things can happen because we are unloved, unwanted, stupid, ugly, selfish – the list is endless, or they can just happen because sometimes life just happens and at each happening we have a choice and at times we will make good choices at others bad choices.  However each choice was made by us and is part of our own unique story of how we got to where we are now – the good, the bad and the ugly.  In our story there will be times when we have had to think hard to get out of the bad choices we have made, and in doing so learnt something important about our strength, talents and determination.  At times in our story we may have said and done things that hurt others and we may regret them, this too is part of our story knowing we have the capacity to hurt those we love or care about – this means that we too understand what it is to fail at times.  Those times when we have hurt others serve as a reminder that in life we all fail, but we also succeed by putting those failures behind us and moving on.

Our own story was never meant to be one of perfection but one of humanity with all the messiness that being human entails.  Our ego was designed to write that story for us and sometimes it needs an extra hand in writing it, sometimes we need to proof read the story so far and edit it.  Sometimes whole chapters need to be rewritten and sometimes just the odd paragraph but it is a story which should never be complete and one which we should always be editing throughout our lives for editing our own story is perhaps the greatest act we can achieve as humans.

When we are happy editing our story we can begin to edit the draft of the future story – what have we got pencilled in for our story’s future.  Our story always needs an outline and all the best stories are those where attention has been spent on outlining where it is going and why, sometimes the outlines change and the story gets richer and more complex by the chapter and this is when our story becomes a classic novel – full of the richness and depth of humanity written with humour and understanding.  Our story will always be the one we write and the one we edit, it will contain adventure, romance and daring if we give our story these things but it will always be full of characters who are completely human and very flawed for they have always made the best stories.

The best stories have always contained sorrow, loss, happiness, love and adventure, there are times when the hero/heroine is scared, there are times when they are struggling just to survive but in amongst that story there is always some humour to be found even in the most dire of situations and always some way out that the hero/heroine has the ingenuity to invent. The best stories take us on a journey through mistakes, errors and tragedy which have always made the best adventures in life and the greatest romances, and the most humorous of tales.


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